The struggle of having only two hands…

I tried to go to church today I really did!  I only have two hands and they are obviously out of practice dealing with a baby!

I got myself ready, Ben pretty much got himself ready and then I tackled the baby.  He was hungry and in desperate need of a new outfit and it was nine o’clock.  We have to leave at nine fifteen when it’s snowing out or we will be late.  We live on a gravel road and it gets yucky when it snows.  So anyway, I get the new outfit and give Zander a little of his bottle to satisfy him until we get to the church.  I get him and Ben out to the truck and in the truck and then realize how much it has really snowed.  The entire truck was covered in snow and now it’s nine thirty five.  Oh man I guess we are not going to church today. 

I don’t know how mothers with more children do it – especially those with more than one little little one.  Yikes!  My hats off to you all!


Our new addition

Ok I know what your thinking, eight days into the new year and she has missed 4 days with no blogging already.  What?  What kind of new years resolution is that? 

Well let me tell you…

We have a new addition to our family and the greatest excuse not to keep my resolution. 

Zander Karl Erickson made his entrance into this world on Jan 4th at 1243pm.  I went in on Sunday night and they didn’t let me go home.  The next morning the doctor broke my water and then the race was on.  Wow what a day! 

Now I have something new to blog about.  That is between naps and feedings!


I erupted in a huge argument yesterday at work over rules.  One of the guys I work with says he gives up on all this crap.  People should be able to do what ever they want.

The thing that really set me off was when he said that it’s not that big of a deal that Miss California posed for less than tasteful photos when she was younger.  He said who cares!  It was on her own time, before she was famous.  And furthermore he said we as a society just need to get used to the fact that #1 sports figures are going to use drugs and #2 beautiful women are going to pose for pictures.  WHAT!

Are you kidding me!  We have to embrace that and except it as the “norm” now?  I don’t think so! 

Then he went on to say look at this teenage boy who went to prom with his girlfriend and got into trouble.  He shouldn’t be in trouble either.  This is where I got ugly.  I think I even slammed my hand on the table.

My comment with blazing eyes and heart pounding out of my chest came as a shout.  What happened to following the rules?  Why can’t anyone just follow the rules anymore?  It’s in the rules that sports figures do not do drugs.  It’s in the rules that Miss America not take her clothes off for a camera.  It was in the rules of that teenagers school not to dance, hold hands or listen to rock and roll music.  He likely broke three rules not just one.  And his step father says we will be taking this to court!  That is ridiculous!  What are we teaching our kids?  If we don’t like the rules just break them and then we will take it to court and show how wrong they were and right we were.  If the people do not agree with the rules of the school then why are they letting their kids go there in the first place? 

Give me a break people!  We need to start evaluating our morals and inner workings.  Things are getting out of hand in a rapid pace and I don’t like where it is going.


My love for food slowed me down to a slow crawl in life.

My love for God has revved me back up!

I am walking for Jesus now and although it is not an easy route I know it’s the right route!

I pray for everyone that I know to come to know Jesus like I am getting to know him!

Econ 101

I am beginning to wonder if the media is responsible for most of the economic hardships that people are having.  They are directly responsible for people thinking they can afford all of the stuff we know we can’t afford.  They are directly responsible for putting a negative doomsday spin on everything that comes out.  They are directly responsible for reporting every rotten and horrid story and not reporting anything positive or good these days.  Hmmm…I wonder why people are so depressed and not wanting to spend money?  Maybe because they think the world is coming to an end soon and there is no point! 

We at our house have decided to downsize everything.  We are giving the basics a go and we are surviving just fine!  As for pumping money back into the economy to stimulate it – I don’t think so!  Things can not be that bad when on a Saturday two weeks ago we were in Grand Forks and went to eat lunch at the Golden Corral, we could barely find a seat.  Not to mention when we left there was a line waiting to get in all the way out the door. 

I think we need to just plain start being sensible about what we are watching, listening to and buying.  We don’t need every new thing that comes out.  Our kids do not need every video game or action figure or motorized toy that you can find!  They need love and guidence and sunshine!  Beyond that something new should be a treat not expected! 

Rememer they can only play with so much stuff at one time and the rest just sits and waits for it’s turn.  It’s really no wonder why there are so many kids with attention problems.  We shove so many video games and so many toys at them to keep them busy while we as adults are trying to just live our own lives.  Well why did we become parents?  We need stop being so selfish and get with the program!  Get back to the basics and get back to God!