The Last Lecture

I am beginning a new book today.  It is called The Last Lecture.  The man in it has been given only a short period to live.  He has a wife and three young children.  He gave a lecture at his college and wrote this book for his children as they grow older.  They were all very young, probably too young to understand the loss, but he didn’t want to be forgotten, so he wrote too them.

With all the worries we let creep into our midst how can we learn to just enjoy the day?  I often hear people say, “Live for the moment!  Don’t worry about tomorrow, with it comes a whole new set of worries!” 

But I find it hard to live every minute like it’s my last, presumably because it’s not.  I find it hard to remember to enjoy every second, because it might be my last.  I wish I could.  I might have to add that to my twenty wishes and work hard on it.


Ben and Zander

Ben and Zander sitting under Ben’s bunkbed playing a video game.  Zander was so attentive to what big brudder was doing.  That is what Ben wants to be called and he will correct you if you call him a brother:)  It’s great fun to see how much Ben really enjoys Zander.

The struggle of having only two hands…

I tried to go to church today I really did!  I only have two hands and they are obviously out of practice dealing with a baby!

I got myself ready, Ben pretty much got himself ready and then I tackled the baby.  He was hungry and in desperate need of a new outfit and it was nine o’clock.  We have to leave at nine fifteen when it’s snowing out or we will be late.  We live on a gravel road and it gets yucky when it snows.  So anyway, I get the new outfit and give Zander a little of his bottle to satisfy him until we get to the church.  I get him and Ben out to the truck and in the truck and then realize how much it has really snowed.  The entire truck was covered in snow and now it’s nine thirty five.  Oh man I guess we are not going to church today. 

I don’t know how mothers with more children do it – especially those with more than one little little one.  Yikes!  My hats off to you all!

Making a house a home

I have been bitten by the painting bug!  First victim – my kitchen.  It has been stark white since we moved in.  Actually every wall in my house was stark white when we moved in. 

It took me about two years to finally paint the first room which was my living room.  Then came the dinning room – which actually could use a new one.  And now finally I have to do my kitchen. 

I have plans for the upstairs too, but unfortunately that is more of a storage area right now.  With 4 people living up there it is quite cramped.  Not to mention our closet situation is horendous!


I have taken on patience as my focus of study in the Bible recently.  Joyce Meyer teaches that if we have struggles and questions we should study in earnest and God will provide the answer for us.  She suggests using the concordance in your Bible as a tool to find out what God wants you to know. 

As my readers may have gathered patience is not one of my strong suits.  I am a very explosive, impulsive personality and sometimes a force to be reckoned with!  Yeah that’s me, deal with it, right?  Well I am trying to deal with it and overcome it, because it’s even starting to annoy me! 

Join me on a quest to find the real you.  Study, listen, learn.  It will be worth the hard work!


With the amount of homework Ben brings home in the first grade we are left wondering what in the world will he learn in 2nd grade? 

It seems they need to know all of the things I remember learning throughout grade school in the 1st grade! 

I am not sure if I just have a lot more time on my hands to worry about this now or what, but I am really concerned about the pace that the class has to go.  They shove so much stuff down these childrens throats and if they seem not to get it there is not a lot we can do to help.  We work everynight with Ben on reading and math and still his teacher thinks he could do better. 

Wow.  I am not sure how much we should push him…He is in first grade after all.  He can read.  He knows how to add and subtract.  But…when he is rushed or told to hurry up he skips over things and then gets them wrong.  How do you prepare them for hurring up?  I am at a loss. 

I don’t want to freak out and start testing him and all this crazy stuff, but I don’t want him to fall behind either.  I will just have to pray and let God take care of my baby.  Or I guess he is my big boy now!


My baby is 4 weeks old tomorrow!  How did that happen?  I have no idea.  It has gone so fast already.  He is starting to smile a little and that is so cute!  He really turns his head when someone is talking to him. 

Mitch keeps telling me that I am spoiling him too much, because I am holding him all the time.  I really can’t help it.  He is just to cute! 

I really need to figure out when we are going to baptise him.  Our church doesn’t baptise they dedicate, so we are going to do both.  I will probably have to have the baptism at Oiland and that will be just fine.   I will ask pastor Bob if he would consider it at our church first.  It can’t hurt right?

I better get my butt in gear or he won’t fit into his baptismal gown.  He is growing so fast I can’t keep him in clothes!  It’s so funny how chunky he is.  He really likes to eat which comes from the Kjersten in him.  My people like to eat.