There is something magical about getting all of your shopping done online with free shipping. It’s an entirely different feeling waiting, hoping that it all gets here in time!

We live 1 to 2 hours from a city with more than 3000 people in it, so going shopping is an adventure in itself. I am not one to take the adventure. I’d rather read about someone else’s or write my own.

This is the first time I have shopped online for Christmas and I did it all in one day, unfortunately it comes in several different shipments on several different days. This is nerve-wracking for someone who, first of all doesn’t like to shop, but second of all likes things done in a neat and tidy manner of her own doing. Control freak? Maybe, but that’s life in the skin of this small town girl.

I hope that you will be relaxed and enjoy the reason for this season. Christ’s birth is the single greatest story told. Take some time to read it out of the greatest book available. It’s amazing and magical and AWESOME!

Be safe and enjoy your family.



We can so easily forget what the meaning of Christmas is. Do we really know? Read Luke 2 and find out! It is now that we need to instill the knowledge of Jesus birth in our children. We can’t let them live the fairy tail for a few years and then let them decide what to believe. With Christmas programs in full swing I pray that your church teaches the story as it happened and doesn’t glamorize the night that Christ came to this earth. Be joyful and thankful and loving everyday, because Christ came to this earth to bring that to YOU! Accept it and live it.

I need to take my own advice. With our Christmas program and everything else going on the last couple of weeks I have not been full of joy. Full of anxiety and stress, yes, full of joy, no. I pray that your family will take the time to sit and enjoy one another this Christmas season. Leave the fighting and bickering outside in the cold where it belongs.


I just saw my first Folgers commercial and of course I teared up.  We don’t have regular TV, we just watch Netflix and Hulu, so we don’t get to see many commercials.  Luckily the nice folks who run the internet found a way to add commercials to every story one might want to read online.  So even without TV I still have to watch commercials!  Anyway, back to Folgers.  I love those commercials.  They are so heartwarming.  They really strike a cord in me.


We have constructed a train made of crispy treat cereal!  The kids had a blast putting it together.  I had a blast letting them!  Meri and I hung out in the living room while the boys worked away like busy little elves in Santa’s workshop!  It’s definately the holiday season.

The Christmas Tree

It’s name has changed, in my mind at least, to the giving tree.  It’s true we do adorn a pine tree with shiny bulbs during the Christmas season, but I think the trees give us beauty all year long.

A stunning green backdrop against a stark white winter.

A twinkling bright steady monument while sticks of brown begin to bud in spring.

A gorgeous array of multi green splendor in the summer sun.

The darkest shade of fall color set as an anchor with bursting orange, yellow and red surrounding them.

Remember the real meaning of Christmas is Christ’s birth which blesses us each day, not the decorations we unpack once a year.

A Christmas story

My son Ben came home from shopping with my husband Mitch. He excidedly tells me he got me a present. Of course I ask him what it is. He says, “I cant tell you,but its your favorite kind of chocolate!”
What could I do, but laugh?

A Poem

A good exchange
of love and laughter
Saves a room
from sadness and disaster
A family gathers
resentments loom
Save us oh Lord
from satan’s doom
His presence made known
by the story we’re told
The tradition demands
all attention to hold
The guards let down
there’s no more frown
It’s Christmas you know
and it’s beginning to snow


We wanted a white Christmas and for awhile thought we might not get one.  Well mother nature, God and Santa must have gotten together and put all of their power into giving us what we wanted.  This is ridiculous!  I pray that everyone on the road in the next two days has safe travel!  We are under a ton of snow and it’s not stopping this morning. 

We traveled the 21 miles into town yesterday for Christmas dinner with Mitch’s mom.  At first we had major doubts we would make it all the way, but once we reached the highway we saw they had plowed at least once in the morning which cleared some of the lines, so we could see where the road was.  The day before we went to town and could not see the road at all. 

Our neighbor plows us out with his big tractor and they have been gone through the entire storm.  Last night when we got home there was a message on our machine that he was trying to make it home from International Falls to plow.  It was sweet of them to think of us.  Lukily we have a 4-wheel drive pickup in the mean time, because the drifts around my car are up to my tires!