Proverbs 14:3

A fool’s talk brings a rod to his back,
But the lips of the wise protect them.

Why can’t I remember this when I am opening my big mouth instead of keeping it shut!


New Column Idea

I pulled into the gas station last night and there at the pumps was a 16 foot camper that was converted into a fish house! Oh My Gosh! It made me laugh out loud! If you are not from Minnesota you may just think this is a weird comment, but I assure you it is hilarious! If my column gets published I will enter some excerpts on here.

Skating out doors vs. indoors

Skating out doors when it is below zero is a claim to fame I don’t care who you are!
We took Benjamin skating at the out door rink the other day. The rink is located at the bottom of a snow sledding hill that I used to frequent as a child. The rink was at the top of the hill back then – not sure why they moved it, but that is a different blog:)
We skated for two hours on the rink and Benjamin still didn’t want to go home. He cried when we had to leave. Now that is dedication!
We haven’t taken him to the indoor rink yet, but we will have to. I will let you know which one he liked more. I know which one his dad and I will like more! Even though it brings back great memories it’s still darn cold!


Every now and again a smell or sight will bring me fash backs to my childhood. I always say I don’t remember a lot from my childhood and for the most part that is true. But there are some times when a smell will hit me like a ton of bricks and I will just get this feeling like I have smelled that before! And then sure enough a memory creeps into my mind like a monster in my sleep!