I drive your truck… I hope you don’t mind.


If you want to listen to a song that is real to the very last word of it, listen to I drive your truck, by Lee Brice. I was reading a book on creative writing and one of the excersizes was to listen to your favorite song and feel what they want you to feel and write about it. Well that’s not my favorite song, but it’s one of them and when I listen to it I can see every single scene as plain as watching it on TV.

I know those country roads he burnt up. I know the field he tore up to let loose the pain he felt. I can smell the black dirt flying in the air as he spins the truck around and around.  In one line he says his mom asked if he had been to visit his friend’s grave. He says, “That stone ain’t where I feel you anyway!” That’s raw, real emotion that exposes the heart of the song.

I just love the images the song produces. “89 cents in the ashtray. A 1/2 empty Gatorade on the seat. Cowboy boots and a Go Army shirt folded in the back.” That’s fantastic imagery that every writer hopes to make their readers see. I know I strive to make my readers see what I see. It’s so plain, yet so powerful!

“All the pain is a cloud of dust. I drive your truck, I hope you don’t mind.” Man that is so awesome. What a greatly written song!


Adventure seekers welcome

Ok so now when I say adventure your mind probably travels somewhere tropical with lots of jungle or lots of water and swarming sharks.  Or maybe it travels to the top of a snow-covered mountain and your holding a snowboard or climbing gear almost nearing the top.  Or maybe even still your inside of a speeding race car rounding the next corner.

Well I am not an ordinary adventure seeker.  We just got another rabbit.  And I ordered chickens.  And I looked at another cat today.  And decided to get a female companion for the male rabbit.  Busy day?  That is an understatement.  Not enough adventure for you?  Well it’s plenty for me.  We have 3 children and with all of those animals I expect the hi-jinx  to increase 10 fold.

buddy Our new Mini Lop – Buddy.  Who is not mini in any sense of the word!

chickensOur new fancy chickens – something Belgian – De Fleur

We lost Stella who was our first rabbit.  She was pure white with pink/red eyes.  She was great.  But in a thunderstorm her latch on her cage broke and she bolted.  6 days later the neighbor called and said he saw her in their yard.  Mitch bought a live trap and they almost caught her, but her wild instincts kicked in and we haven’t seen her since.  I am sure she’s now getting ready to have babies even though my husband doesn’t think she would cross breed with a wild hare.

Ha!  Anyway…bunnies kissing

So now we will become rabbit and chicken farmers.  Maybe by next summer we can get a goat!  Ooohhh, can you say BIG adventure.  Hahaha!  Have a great day!


Dreams can come true!

cup of coffee and flower!

I am so excited to start a new adventure with Harlequin.com.  There is so much support and such great opportunity with them.  The challenges are realistic, the goals attainable and the benefits will help me grow into the writer I aspire to be.  Already the juices of creativity have begun to stir.  Every day, one day at a time, one hour at a time the written word will be captured for future readers to enjoy.  I hope and pray some of those words will be mine!

The first challenge:  Strangers on a train.  Stay tuned for a sneak peek as soon as I submit it!

Firefly code, a frog song! Poetry by KarLynn


We have been enjoying the most beautiful and glorious evenings of late.  We do not have a very long summer, so anytime it is extra enjoyable we try to soak it all up!  The fireflies are extremely active right now.  I wrote a little poem about them.  And if you know me you know my affinity for frogs, so I added a couple of lines about them too!


Flash of green

Flash of yellow

Here no There!

Are the flashes in sync?

Do they relay a message?

mesmerized by motion

dark becomes magic

Enter a frog orchestra

Chirp, Croak, Chirp, Croak

Dark encompasses

with nothing visible by eye

Sound becomes my soul sense

except for the flash

Here no There!

I saw this sign on Facebook of course,

misquito pic

I saw this sign on Facebook of course, I am sure it’s been everywhere, but this year in Minnesota it’s the honest to God truth!  We came back from a little vacation in Las Vegas and my kids have been feeding the mosquitos very well!  My little pumpkin looks like she has contracted the chicken pox, poor thing.

We always seem to have the worst mosquitos where I live.  It’s deep in the woods and extremely humid here.  There is lots of grass and of course delicate new skin from the kids to feed on.  They love that.  They don’t bother me as much, probably because I am just used to them or my skin is old and leathery and difficult for them to chew through.  Who knows.  I just wish they would let up a little.  It’s making it impossible to go to the lake.  Not to mention we will have to take out a small loan soon to pay for Cortizone and repellent.  Have a bug free day!


We are adding to our family this weekend!  A new kitty is coming to live with the Erickson’s.

F0044527-Ducks_and_chickens_walking_on_dirt_path-SPLComing soon are our chickens and ducks!  I have been making plans for a couple of months, but now it’s time for action.  I can’t wait to be out there in my pink leopard print rubber boots!  The barn and the garage need cleaning in a terrible way, however there is something blocking my way.  SNOW!  We have so much snow this winter that I can hardly get to the barn let alone get it ready for our chicks.  I guess they will be living in the porch for a few weeks under the heat lamp, so I have a little time left.

On a good note the snow if melting with these warm rays tickling our skin the last few days.  I want it to go fast, but that poses a problem in it self.  Flooding!  Yikes.  I hope that doesn’t happen.


That Darn Economy!

Maybe her Grandmother knew it would be their last Thanksgiving together.

Suddenly Sheila shook herself out of her trance.  She grabbed for the little pink towel that hung from the pure white pole in her perfectly orderly bathroom.  She gazed around the white tiled room that had nothing out of place.  Her toothbrush stood at attention in the cup made for it.  Her toothpaste lay with the cap in tact in the medicine cabinet out of sight.  Not even a water spot was found on the sink or mirror.  Everything in her life exuded order.


I really can’t even believe my blessings.  For the longest time I thought I wouldn’t have children then we were blessed with Ben.  Seven years later God answered my prayers and coincidentally the prayers of women in my church group, The Ladies of the Round Table.  Along came mister Zander.  Well now I am expecting again and Zander is only 8 months old.  It’s hard for me to make it real yet, but I know it is.  We are going to have 3 children in our family and I have to admit the task seems a little daunting at times.  But I know that God is by my side and I am surrounded by friends and family that love me and Mitch and my kids, so we will be fine. 

Thank you Heavenly Father for the gifts you bless my life with each and every day on this earth.  Another day on earth is a blessing in itself, but you have overflown my cup and I praise you for this!


I am trying to write a poem or two for the Regional Ramblings paper, but nothing is coming to me!

I even watched my muse yesterday.  Remember the movie crocodile Dundee?  When I watched that for the first time I wanted to be a writer.  I wanted to travel all over the world meeting interesting people and writing about them. 

Well of course now I write about the most interesting people in the world – my family:-)  I don’t get to travel around the world, but I do get to travel sixty miles a day to and from work.  Lots of time to think! 

Anyway, I can’t seem to focus on a subject for my poem.  I was hoping plunking on the keys would inspire something in me, but I better keep reading instead, because this is not working!

Finally…A Hit!

I have attempted to make meals that are not boring and not the same every week.  I have been told by Ben and Mitch to stick to the old favs – cause they aren’ t much for experimenting – they like what they like.  But I get bored very easily and I don’t want to eat the same thing every week. 

I finally tried something different that was a real home-run! 

I had some hamburger buns left over in the fridge, so I took them out, cut them in half, slathered butter on the top and popped them int he over to broil for two minutes.  I fried some hamburger with chili seasoning.  Added the hamburger to the bun topped with shredded cheese and broiled for another 2 minutes.  Both of them loved it and expressed thanks more than once.  This morning Mitch said I should really make that again. 

So I guess I won’t stop cooking for the two picky-butts:-)