26 September, 2012 16:15

Ok well I had this huge plan to be a Vegan for 30 days. I just knew it would be great and my blog would turn out so awesome and I could maybe write a book about my journey. This would have been fantastic if I could quit eating meat or anything with a face for 30 days. I made it 3. One enormous problem in my plan. I LIKE MEAT A LOT! And I like to eat a lot. I am convinced that people who change their whole life to become a Vegan do not eat that much.

I have however given up cow’s milk. This in and of itself is a huge accomplishment. I am working on cheese. I really like cheese a lot too. Oh well maybe sometime after Christmas I can try again.


An anniversary gift that keeps on giving.

My husband and I have just celebrated our 11th year as man and wife.  He gave me the most spectacular gift he could give.  The opportunity to stay home with our kids!  I get to be a stay at home mommy and writer.  What a thought not to have to worry about going out in the cold winter, not having to deal with the stress of the office and being able to pursue both of my life passions in a full time capacity.  I can’t even believe my prayers have been answered.

Kid fun idea!

Purchase a one step angel food cake mix and a regular cake mix.  Mix dry ingredients in a covered bowl. 

On a day when a warm gooey treat is just what you need spoon 3 table spoons of the dry cake mixture and 2 tablespoons of water into a microwave safe cup and mix until moist.  It will be thick.  Microwave for 1 minute.  You will have a wonderful mini cake.  3, 2, 1 cake mix!  Top with whatever you and the kiddos like.

Almost ready to start my 30 days of Vegan.

I guess I have to get it done before deer season right?  My family might disown me – haha!  All of you readers who are not from northern Minnesota have no idea how difficult it is to make a Vegan menu here.  We have so little by way of Vegan fancy that I may end up eating lettace and tomatoes for a whole month!  Wish me luck and post your stories and recipes if you have any.  By the way Vegan’s can’t eat chicken or fish either.  Don’t laugh – when we had a guest at our training facility let us know she was a Veagan, one of the ladies at the deli seriously said, “Well she can eat chicken right?”  Oh boy!

This series is so awesome.  I did not realize until today how many Dry Creek books there are. 20 is the number I have found.  I am so excited to read the rest of them.  This gives me much inspiration as well.  I am going to try and tie my four stories into the same region as well.  Since I am from Northern Minnesota and have lived here all of my life I think I might be able to put to paper what I have experience and witnessed over the last 36 years.  It’s a new goal anyway!