I saw this on Facebook and just had to share. It’s a great visual!



We are adding to our family this weekend!  A new kitty is coming to live with the Erickson’s.

F0044527-Ducks_and_chickens_walking_on_dirt_path-SPLComing soon are our chickens and ducks!  I have been making plans for a couple of months, but now it’s time for action.  I can’t wait to be out there in my pink leopard print rubber boots!  The barn and the garage need cleaning in a terrible way, however there is something blocking my way.  SNOW!  We have so much snow this winter that I can hardly get to the barn let alone get it ready for our chicks.  I guess they will be living in the porch for a few weeks under the heat lamp, so I have a little time left.

On a good note the snow if melting with these warm rays tickling our skin the last few days.  I want it to go fast, but that poses a problem in it self.  Flooding!  Yikes.  I hope that doesn’t happen.


I decided to take a little risk and try something different today.  When I was making my honey bread dough I added some orange zest to it.  Then I rolled it out and added orange juice, cinnamon and sugar to the dough.  I rolled it back up and cut it into pieces.  They are raising right now and waiting to bake.  I am making a cream cheese frosting for the top so there’s no way they can be bad right?  We will see how it plays out.


Melt snow Melt!

It’s 27 degrees outside and feels so good in short sleeves.  I can’t even believe how accustomed to the cold our bodies become over the winter.  If it was 27 degrees in July we would be dressing in winter coats, but now in March short sleeves feel wonderful!


Everything was frosty and crystalized on the way to work this morning. Even the road signs had crystal fringe all the way around. It was so pretty! The way the sun was slowly rising and exploding orange over the trees was breathtaking.

Beautiful sunrise this morning! God was at work early!

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If you like savory tastes then this will be the best bite you will ever have!

Karla’s Runza Recipe

1 cup grated cabbage
1 cup grated carrot
1/2 cup finely chopped onion
1tsp. worcestershire sauce
1/2 tsp garlic powder
2 T. melted butter
1/2tsp salt
1/2tsp pepper
1 cup American cheese (also used cheddar)
1 lb. ground beef or seasoned pork sausage. (seasoned pork sausage is
the best)
1 loaf frz bread dough, thawed and risen
Brown meat and drain off fat. Add cabbage, carrot, onions and
seasonings. Cook until vegies are tender. Stir in cheese. Set aside. Roll dough into 16 x 8 rectangle about 1/4inch thick. Cut into 8 4-in
squares. Fill each with spoonful of meat mixture. Fold over dough and
pinch/seal well. Place seam down on greased baking pan. Brush top
with butter. Let rise 10minutes. Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes.

And you can freeze them for later!

Peach State says: Now That’s How To Start A Day!

Love it!
Can’t live without it right?


It is your typical morning…Now That’s How To Start A Day!
Up before the Butt crack of dawn making breakfast for my hubby and youngest child while I swivel and pirouette, like a graceful ballerina, between the espresso maker and microwave. Tasks accomplished and back upstairs to enjoy my body warming-oversized-overly caffeinated-life sustaining “Calf-Pow”. (Sorry I am a tad-bit of a NCIS fan!) The world is as right as it can be this early in the day. My hubby even squeezed in a lovely behavior lecture from his series “How To Behave At School” which was not accepted by our 6th grade multitasker. “Well I will not let that ruin my morning!” I head down the stairs to the kitchen and begin my next series of task as my lethargic and oh so put upon son began his final preparations. I was in the middle of cleaning out…

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