If I had a vision, as a teenager, of what I wanted my life to turn out like when I grew up it would be the life that reality star Bethany Frankel is living right now.  Instead of introducing and branding an alcohol and lifestyle, I wanted to run a successful magazine and write best-selling books.  But the parallel between her life now and my teenage fantasy is uncanny. 

The funny thing is my life has turned out so unbelievably fantastic and so unbelievably polar opposite of my previous delusional fantasy.  It makes me laugh to look out my patio door to a view of cedar chip gardens, oak trees and a dodge pickup.  Bethany’s view is of the Manhattan skyline, silver shimmering buildings, gray cement and fast-moving cars.  It’s absolutely gorgeous and phenomenal.  But mine is better. 

Starkly different shades of the spectrum make each of our views unique and wonderful.  Equally beautiful creations from two separate worlds yet living on the same planet.

Her high-powered career in the fast-moving New York City leaves her tired and breathless in almost every episode of her TV show.  What leaves me breathless in my view from the toolies life in a rural community in the north woods you ask?  Watching my kids grow up before my eyes, seeing the newly hatched baby geese waddle behind their mother as they cross the highway stopping traffic which consists of me and a tractor in the opposite lane, the power of a spring rain to fill a river to capacity threatening a small town’s livelihood and at the same time nourishing the grass and tree buds to life.  Those things are my life and I love it!

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an auntie and a friend and I am loved.  I got the life I really desired and I am happy to be living free and full of love.