Stay tuned to find out how I made and canned salsa with only one soup kettle an no other fancy gadgets. Pictures and step by step on its way!


I am so torn this morning. I have been wanting a mommy’s day out for two weeks now and today is the day. Only I am going to work. Ike’s! I am nervous and actually less excited than I was yesterday. I am not going back full time. They just have a project they want me to work on. I feel like I should be more excited. I am happy I will get to see my friends and have adult conversations, but on the flip side I don’t get to have breakfast with Meri and Zander or have whatever fun adventure they are planning in imaginary land today. Sad. I know, get over it! I really get the best of both worlds here and haven’t anything to complain about. Have a blessed day, what ever you are doing!

Facebook intervention!

Is anyone else addicted to this sick and twisted drug called Facebook? Well let me be the first to admit it then. Hi my name is KarLynn and I am addicted to Facebook. Yuk! Now that it’s out of the way let’s get on to the detox.

The reason I joined Facebook was to keep up with my cousins. Now the cousin who talked me into joining isn’t even an active participant anymore. On to bigger and better social media I guess. I don’t have the energy to get into another social media habit.

I am not sure why it’s so fascinating to look at other people’s pictures and ridiculous comments, but it is seriously getting in the way of all the other stuff I want to accomplish in my day and my night, it turns out. Yes, last night I was up until 11:30pm looking through the Sell and Swap. It’s a virtual rummage sale. Yes I also love to find a good deal and if it happens to be gently used then so be it. A deal is a deal. That’s an intervention for later.

I am a part of an exciting group of writers that support each other in their work. I am trying to get noticed in the literary world so one day soon I can send in my manuscript and hopefully sell a book. Or two or ten! No small job, this writing. It takes concentration and dedication. Two things I am lacking in the light of day. So that leaves the night. If my nights are filled with pictures of cute kittens, old tractors and yummy recipes how can I possibly get to the thing which I have felt is my destiny since I was seven years old? Sad but true, I am an addict.

I don’t know if I can commit to quitting cold turkey, but it may be necessary to break myself of this ridiculous pass time. As of Friday I will be on a Facebook “vacation”. I have more pressing things to accomplish. So if you don’t see me on there for awhile you won’t be surprised. I hope this will give me a chance to blog more too. So let’s see who reads my blog:)

Living the life


I guess I don’t need to mention it’s been awhile since my last post.  But life has really been flying by with no rest for me!  I have been working hard on my Harlequin submissions and other forums.

Writing has moved up on the priority scale, although not by much.  The munchkins, husband, house and animals are still higher on the list.  So this means late nights and as you can imagine sometimes, I just run out of fuel.  This is why the SYTYCW and NaNo challenges will have to wait awhile.  They require full attention and committed word counts each day.  I just don’t have it in me.  But I am learning a ton!  And they have so many great books to read!

I am adding a new page about Motherhood.  Because even though I may not find myself an interesting mom, there are a ton of them out there.  There is also an unending amount of support and suggestions from those awesome moms.  I would like to capture a piece of it and post it here.  Hope it works!

Have a blessed day.