The struggle of having only two hands…

I tried to go to church today I really did!  I only have two hands and they are obviously out of practice dealing with a baby!

I got myself ready, Ben pretty much got himself ready and then I tackled the baby.  He was hungry and in desperate need of a new outfit and it was nine o’clock.  We have to leave at nine fifteen when it’s snowing out or we will be late.  We live on a gravel road and it gets yucky when it snows.  So anyway, I get the new outfit and give Zander a little of his bottle to satisfy him until we get to the church.  I get him and Ben out to the truck and in the truck and then realize how much it has really snowed.  The entire truck was covered in snow and now it’s nine thirty five.  Oh man I guess we are not going to church today. 

I don’t know how mothers with more children do it – especially those with more than one little little one.  Yikes!  My hats off to you all!


Opening weekend!


Opening weekend of white tail deer season is over.  Most wives dread deer season, because their husbands become obsessed with it and pay no attention to the needs and duties at home. 

Other wives love the break and like when their husbands leave for a week. It give them a break from the “Big Kid” in her brood. 

And then there is me!  I am the hunter in our family, most years anyway.  This year Ben really wanted to go to, but I am 8 months pregnant and could not participate this year.  We still went to deer camp and shot the breeze with the boys and cut up deer and all of that fun stuff, but I have to tell you not participating this year was not fun!

I love the feeling of refreshment when you sit in the deer stand all morning.  The air is clean, your mind is clean and of course your soul is clean.  Sitting still in peace and quiet is just what a person needs to re-energize.  Until, of course, that monster steps out and the commotion starts.  Scramble to get your gun up, scramble to find the site, remember that the safety is on.  Oh yeah then there’s either my dad or brother saying, “If you don’t take it right now I am going to shoot!”  So much for the peace and quiet.  But at that point the adrenalin starts to kick in and that’s even better! 

So this year we missed all of the excitement and adrenalin.  Next year though Ben and I will have to make sure we take some extra time off of work and stay out at camp.


I wrote last time about being a red neck, because I wanted to go to the demolition derby.  Well then, since I completely enjoyed the lawn mower races they offered before the demo, what does that make me now?  They even had women racing the lawn mowers!  I tell you what if I hadn’t been pregnant I think I would have signed up for that challenge! 

The Roseau County Fair was a huge sucess!  There were so many people there it was unbelievable.  I wonder if that has to do with the economy being so bad.  I bet people stayed home this summer and decided to go to the smaller county fairs rather than the big super fairs.  It was great to see people sticking closer to home!

Today is a day of rest!

Benjamin and Mitch are off on an adventure today!  Cub Scouts day camp starts today.  It is two days filled with adventures for young boys.  Some of the adventures may be a first for some of the boys.  It’s a great foundation for future endeavours for sure. 

I believe it is also a great foundation for bonding for son and father!  Today Mitch and Benjamin went by themselves for a whole day of bonding and Cub Scout activities.  I just know that it is going to be a memory embedded in both of their minds.


The sound of the whip-poor-will takes me right back to my childhood in rural malung township.  I used to beam at the sound of the very unique bird.  When we moved back here seven years ago that was one of the things I looked forward to.  Unfortunately I was never blessed with that opportunity.  Until tonight.  Seven long years and finally the sound echoed through my open bathroom window.  I am still smiling that is how thrilled I am!

More on the great white tail expedition

The days leading up to opening weekend of deer hunting are the most exciting!
The whole week is filled with preperation. Finding all of our bright orange apparel, binaculars, knife, sleeping bags, warm underclothes and trying to fit all of this stuff into a bag that will not take up so much room!
That never happens. I am usually stuffing things into garbage bags and cramming them into my tiny little Honda.
Everyone generally arrives at my mom and dad’s house on Friday night. The eve of opening morning! Then of course we head over to my uncle’s cabin to check in.
We see who is up for the hunt and have a merry time chatting late into the evening!
As we crawl into our warm sleeping bags thoughts of white tails flickering and loud tromping noises through the brush fill our dreams.
After a short nap it’s up coffee and toast and many many layers of clothes!
I remember one year that we didn’t have to dress so warmly, but most years it’s cold!
After our morning hunt comes breakfast. We all start heading in around the same time. When we get in someone makes sure there is plenty of coffee and someone starts breakfast. It really is a family affair. We try to spread it around, so my mom doesn’t end up cooking for all of us hooligans.
After breakfast of course comes the much needed nap on the sofa or davenport as my grandma used to call it.
But alas! No nap is to be had, because of course after breakfast is the time when others are out and about checking to see if we have decreased the deer population at all.
Visitors come from far and wide. Luckily we always have plenty of coffee and treats to feed them.