This challenge is working for me!


squat challenge

I completed my 100 squats this morning for day 9 and it was really not that bad.  Yesterday on my “rest” day I was kind of dreading the big 100!  I am so glad I am sticking to this.  Day 1 I was 190 pounds and Day 8 I weighed in at 183.5.  I didn’t think I was losing any weight at all.  I do a little cardio and some elliptical along with this through out my day, but nothing regimented, just when I have time.  I hope that you find something that works for you if your desire is to be fit and lose some weight!



Another sneak peek… A Cabin in the Woods.

Oh my gosh this story is pouring out of me now.  Fortunately God is blessing me every day with new dialouge and background.  Unfortunately the names may keep changing a bit.  I just can not decide if these names fit quite yet.  And as I was writing the day before yesterday an idea came to me for the second installment.  A series?  Could it be true.  You just never know where God will lead you if you are open to the possibility.  I hope that I am entertaining you with little tidbits of my story.  If you have comments or suggestions feel free to enlighten me!  Thanks!

A Cabin in the Woods

Dusk surrounded them with a ferent golden glow.  Emerging through the trees the sun set the scene ablaze. The deep autumn colors were coming alive with vivid animation.  She stood on the sidewalk and had to turn a 180 degree circle to take it all in.


“I can’t leave. I want to Stay here forever. ”Suzy said breathlessly.

She didn’t know what was she saying.  She couldn’t really mean those words she just thought.  It was unthinkable, laughable really. She had worked tirelessly to move beyond her small town upbringing, she transformed herself from Bearcreek backwoods hick to a Rosemont Free Press journalist.


Well ok, she hadn’t done it alone. God and college helped transform her, but that is who she was now. She was a city dweller, not a woodsman. Suzy lowered herself to a lawn chair that sat along the walk way.


She drew in a deep breath and muttered.” I need some time to think about this. It changes my whole Life plan.”


“Plans change.” Benjamin replied hopeful.


“I know they do. I know they should.”  She stopped.

“But,” he continued for her.

“But living in the city writing for a newspaper is the only plan I have had since the tenth grade.  Do you remember Mrs. __________?  She loved my writing.  She read several of my stories to the class and had me write for the school paper before I was even interested in it.  She encouraged me to keep writing. To keep trying different things.”


“Well this is different.”  Benjamin said with a smirk. “And you will still be writing. You told me your boss gave you a column. Can’t you write a column about anything?  At lunch you mentioned you could write from where ever you were and whatever you were doing?  And what about this book you were talking about writing. Wouldn’t this be the perfect writing environment?” He said raising his hands and making a Vana White movement over the landscape.


Suzy noticed how hard he was trying to convince her of all she already knew.

She was sensing his urgency.  Shge wondered if he really wanted her to stay here in Bear Creek.  Her mind reeled as another thing to agonize over filled her being.

She thought back to the day they had spent together.  It was a true blessing and she had said a prayer to thank the Lord for it.  Their conversation flowed so easily.  She suddenly had a flash of heat cross her face.  She wondered what it would be like to be in a committed and loving relationship with Benjamin Hately.  Susy had been asking God to Send her Someone who was compatible with her. Thus far her own seach had turned up only the opposite.


Her prayers had been answered before, why was she so surprised that God would provide for her now? She Shook her head and looked up at Benjamin who towered over her petite frame.


“I need to go home and pray about all that has happened today. Its been a really great day.” She spoke softly.


Benjamin took her hand and helped her out out the chair.

“You know you could stay here for the night if you wanted to. The Cleary family has been renting it out as a weekend cottage to pay for the upkeep.” He said in a last desperate attempt to gain more time with her. His heart hopeful he gazed into her eyes, “Please Stay and have dinner with me tonight?”

New poem

This haystacked needle
the impossible dream
to find the true love beatle
with cordial esteem.

The search brings little fruit
in fact many get the boot
the hunt grows weary
the demenor becomes dreary.

A cry out to Jesus for help
brings revelation about
what are we praying for
all that we ask is ours before.

Trust and it shall be
wants and desires switch to what He
wants them to be.

Becoming a writer

With the numerous re-writes I have done to part 1 of my great American love story I wonder if I will ever finish it!

No one ever says to you when you aspire to be a writer that it is going to be a series of writes and re-writes and more re-writes.  The movies and books I have read about authors all paint it as easy as sitting in front of a window with a view and having it all pour out of them right into a best seller – HA!  Not so much!

It’s hard work!  Of course it’s hard work that I love and had no idea I would love.  I have always known since I was a little girl that I wanted to tell my stories in the written form, but editing and trying to make them better were always so much of a bother to me.  Now that I really have something of substance to work with it’s actually kind of fun!  And I have to give my friends at CW props, because they are helping me through this step by step. 

Just as so many other times in my life I thought I knew everything, I realize now how very little I know:)  Just part of growing up I guess.  Being 32 I thought I was grown, but apparently I have a lot to learn yet!  Be patient my name will be in enormous block letters at the top of a best selling novel yet!  One can dream anyway:)

This is the day! This is the day! This is the day that the Lord has made!

Once upon a time there was a little girl who had a dream. That dream was to become a professional writer.  At age 15 who really thinks about that?  Well me that’s who.

I had just watched the movie Crocadile Dundee and let me tell you I was never more sure about anything in my life.  I was going to become a famous newspaper writer traveling all over the world to interview hunky men with great accents and get the heck out of po-dunk-ville, to use the made up language of a 15 year old, small town, midwestern girl.

The moment the music started to play and Sue immerged from that helicopter to set foot in Australia, I knew it!  I knew it as sure as I knew my own name. And that name would have it’s own byline someday.

Of course she lived in New York and worked for her fathers newspaper, so she had certain advantages that I would certainly have to overcome.
None the less my determination was going to get me to Australia one day!

Unfortunately life has other ideas of how things will turn out. And I believe God’s sense of humor has a lot to do with that.

I have had my own by-line, albeit in the form of a weekly local column about fluff.  And I am still writing, albeit I haven’t sold anything, yet. And I am traveling quite a bit, albeit not to exotic foreign places to write about them.  I commute 60 miles a day to get to my job.  A job that actually produces a paycheck.

I would love to spend my days plunking out my stories as they fall from my mind onto the paper, but I can’t find anyone to pay me for that.  And I do like to eat, so a full time job earning a real paycheck it is.

I am married to a wonderfull man that would love to take me to Australia, but our son needs a house to protect him from the cold Minnesota winters more than I need a trip to the great down under, so a mortgage it is!

But through it all God has not given up on that child or her dream. I did afterall find the link to this website.  I believe my ticket to Australia is not lost forever, just postponed for a short time!