Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine

Outdoor%20pool%201How good a body feels after a day in the sunshine!  I love it!  We spent an absolutely delightful day on the beach yesterday, well sort of.  Warroad MN has the most unusual pool.  Their city pool is surrounded by sand.  It also sports a sand bottom, but is enclosed by a chain link fence and kept safe by life guards.  It’s really quite extraordinary.  I felt just like I was at the beach, but really was sitting at a city pool over looking Lake of the Woods.  What a way to spend a day with my two favorite guys!

Thank you Lord for the sunshine and family time that you gave us yesterday!


I am so excited!

Today is my last full day of work for over a week!  I am so excited to be off from my “real” job and hope to have time to focus on my “fun” job!  I have a lot of work to do on my Lizzie and Harry story including a suitable finish.  I am so thankful to have people who are willing to help me along the way with editing.  I am not an editor!  I just like to tell the story.   Christian Writers online has been such a life saver for me.  I am very shy about sharing my pieces, but everyone on there has been such a blessing to me and my writing!


Boy this pregnancy has sure kicked the wind out of my sail.  I am so low on energy these days it’s not funny!  But I am trying to stay active and not eat to much!  That is a difficult task to accomplish.  I like to eat…a lot!  Oh well, it only took me 3 or 4 years to loose the baby fat from Benjamin – I can handle that right:)

more Lizzie and Harry

They decided to meet at Janelle’s dock since that’s where the boat was.  She walked down the rocky path that separated the two properties. 

As she walked past the hedge line the full view of the water took her breath away.  The water was calm and smooth as the sun glistened and bounced off of it and into her eyes.

This was her favorite time of the morning.  She reached up to shield her eyes with her hand.  He was there.  A magnificent silhouette set against a bright morning sunrise.  Her breath caught again.

The sun felt warm on her face already.  She knew it would be a warm day and was glad she opted for the bathing suit.

He was waiting for her in the boat when she made her way across the dock.

They smiled at each other as he held out his hand in a chivalrous manner.  She lifted the picnic basket and smiled while she said, “I brought lunch!”

He placed the basket in the boat and offered his hand once again.  She took it and stepped gingerly into the boat.

The day flew by with easy conversation and many smiles exchanged.  They caught no fish in the morning so before lunch they decided to take a swim. 

Lizzie screamed when she hit the water and her teeth instantly started to chatter.  “Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all,”  She said through quivering lips.  They both laughed and quickly climbed out of the boat.

The sun warmed them as they sat on deck talking.

They sat side by side in the chairs of the boat.  Lizzie swiveled back and forth lost in her thoughts.  Harry talked about his life in the twin cities while she listened. 

She had visited there before, but could never figure out why anyone would want to live there permanently. 

Yet the way Harry talked so passionately about it, there seemed to be a different side of the city which Lizzie
had never been introduced to. 

His face became animated and lit up when he talked about his work and how building things from the ground up was in his blood. It was obvious that he took pride in every job he worked on big or small.

He told her about things she would love to see as well.  He described the museums and the theatre productions he frequented.

He told her about the coffee houses with open mick’s for people to reveal their own poetry or whatever
they wanted.

She was in awe of how much she hadn’t experienced on her visits.

She remember to many people, to many vehicles and it being hard to breath or think there with all that went on.

“Do you think you would come and visit me in Minneapolis?”  He finally got the nerve up to ask. 
He had been talking for a half an hour straight about all the things he loved about the city. 

She loved to listen to him speak.  He conveyed passion and intelligence and at the same time a childish exuberance she wasn’t used to. 

“I would like to come and see you there,” her excitement grew.  “My friend lives in Robbinsdale and I can stay with her. 

I haven’t seen her in awhile and would love to visit.”

She blushed when he leaned in close to her and whispered, “I would really love that!”

She leaned forward and their lips touched very delicately.  They stayed close for a few minutes until reality started to set in.  The situation was getting to intense for Lizzie.  She started to feel like she was losing control. 

She pulled away a little too abruptly and they both looked startled. 

“I… I’m sorry,”  she blurted out.  “I don’t know what came over me!”

“Don’t be sorry.”  He said with a smile.  “I guess I moved a little too fast.  I should have given you more time.”

“It’s ok,”  She said.  “It was really nice,”  She blushed again.  Why did she keep doing that? 

There was no awkwardness between them after the kiss.  They both knew they stepped to far over the line, so they decided to just enjoy the rest of the afternoon talking and getting to know each other.

As the day drew on Lizzie started to get a feeling in the pit of her stomach as she listened to Harry talk about his life. 

She started to get distracted by how much he seemed to love the noise and people and fast pace.

On the way home the dread grew stronger.  When they finally said goodbye once again in Janelle’s yard
he grabbed her hand and asked, “Can I see you tomorrow before I go?”

She looked up at him with unsure eyes and said, “Sure,” before gently pulling her hand back and walking up the path to her house.

Lizzie knew that last look he gave her was one of confusion.  He was worried too and she knew it.  He must have sensed her tensing.

Lizzie’s mind was reeling.  He lived 500 miles away.  He had a life and a job.  There was no way he would give that up for her.  And she wasn’t ready to pick up and leave the island where she spent her entire life.

The dread consumed her.  She couldn’t hold back her tears any longer.  The more she tried to pray
about it the more she cried. 

She decided it was hopeless.

Lizzie and Harry Scene

The next morning came to quickly for Lizzie.  Exhaustion filled her head with fog.  In spite of that she smiled to herself remembering her night of fun.  She rose slowly and began to get ready for her day with Harry. 

Suddenly butterflies began to dance around her insides.

She waved her hand and huffed away the silly little girl emotion as she walked to her dresser.

She was a child the last time she could remember butterflies tickling her stomach.  She got excited about things like leaving the island to go to town way back then.

Now there was a handsome man causing them to awaken.

She browsed through her closet grabbing one shirt at a time and pulling it out to have a better look. 
She decided on the blue and white stripped sweater over her white tank top and tennis skirt. 
She opted on her bathing suit underneath, because the weather man said it was going to be very warm in the afternoon.

“Oh I better grab some sunscreen too”, she said to herself as she checked off another item on her mental list.
As she stood in front of the mirror she smiled at the image starring back at her.

Her face was glowing.  Not since she found out her first children’s book submission had been picked for an award had she been this happy. 

That award was the first stepping stone that led to her agent who eventually catapulted(sp?) her into a full fledged writing career. 

Could it be that Janelle’s wonderful party last night could have been the first stepping stone to her finding love? 

 “Oh”, she huffed again and waved her hand at the mirror.  “Why am I being so silly?  It’s been one night for crying out loud!  I hardly know anything about the man.”

She fiddled with her ash blond pony tail one more time before grabbing the picnic basket and her bag to leave.

Today is a day of rest!

Benjamin and Mitch are off on an adventure today!  Cub Scouts day camp starts today.  It is two days filled with adventures for young boys.  Some of the adventures may be a first for some of the boys.  It’s a great foundation for future endeavours for sure. 

I believe it is also a great foundation for bonding for son and father!  Today Mitch and Benjamin went by themselves for a whole day of bonding and Cub Scout activities.  I just know that it is going to be a memory embedded in both of their minds.


We were riding in the car to summer school yesterday and Benjamin asked me why there is always a flower beside Marvin.  I told him that was Marvin’s trademark.  He said, “Hmmm…”.  Then he asked me what Polaris had for their picture.  I told him it was a star.  He told me that was soooo cool. 

Then he said, “Dad is way cooler than you mom.  He has a star!”

To this I replied, “Hey, I thought I was the coolest?”

He said, “Nope you are the prettiest.”

Well how could I argue with my most intelligent and wonderfully sensitive child at that point!  He is a genius and will have the girls eating out of his hands in no time!


The rain is a beautiful thing when the weather has been 80 degrees for 3 consecutive days and we are looking for some relief.  However now we are looking for relief of a different kind.  Our farmers are not getting any of their crops in this year, because the rain and cold temps will not give up their hold on us northern Minnesotans.  We can handle -30 degrees in the winter, but 50 in June is too cold to grow a garden or sun bathe – even up north.  Ok now that I have had my complaint – the weather is supposed to start turning around on Wed and it will be 70 by Saturday – yeah!  I feel awful for the farmers though, because they have just been unemployed:(

Great News!

Well I guess it’s official now.  I had my ultra sound and there is a baby in my tummy!  I am so excited!  I can’t even believe it’s happening and until my ultrasound yesterday I have been hesitant to get too excited.  But now my baby is 2.26 cm long and has a heart beat of 167! 

I have been out of practice for so long I am going to have to read all of those baby books over again.  Benjamin just turned six years old!  He is more excited than I am I tell you!  That boy can’t wait for the baby to come. 

So now we have to shift gears from the adoption of a toddler or preschooler to diapers and formula.  Just what Mitch was excited about avoiding:)  Oh well – I will take the poopy, pukey, paranormal smells of a new born.  It will be an adventure!