My Son!

My son sang me a song last night that was so AWSOME!  He learned it at school and forgot some words, but I so did not care even a little bit!  It was music to my ears literally. 

He is five years old and loving Kindergarten.  But last night I told him there was only 3 months left of school and he was so excited he let out a “Whoo hoo”  it’s almost summer! 

I guess even kids get sick of the long winter.


New story to work on

I had written a short story first draft and was really proud of it.  When I went to work on the second draft I decided to take the advice of some very smart peers with the same creative ambition as myself.  Only they really know what they are talking about! 

When I took their advice the focus of my new story changed.  It started flowing out of me and stopped only because my paying job called.  Oh well there’s always tomorrow!

I can’t wait to see where else this story takes me.

The rising sun

I have been sitting here for over an hour writing and thinking, writing and thinking.  It was dim when I first sat, so I switched on the light over head. 

Now I notice creaping up the window and trying to come in a bright stream of light.  It’s climbing over head and soon will be on top.  But as it climbs I enjoy it’s attempt to peek through the trees.  The trees that surround my property.  The trees that protect my house from the wind, but block the beautiful sunlight trying to get in. 

Soon there will be no need to hoard the sunlight.  Spring and summer are on their way.  With them come plenty of the splendor so we can play.  For now we will have to bask in the weak streams of light peering through the trees.  Sitting by the window wishing for a summer breeze.

The best we can hope for today’s weather is climbing above 10 degrees.  We hope and wish yet mother nature does as she please.

My girls

I started to teach a Missionettes class at our church.  Last week was my first week and I was more than somewhat nervous!  This week went so great!  The girls are 8 year olds and they are so sweet.  They love to read and volunteer!  That age is so different from what I am used to. 

They want so much to be accepted and loved for who they are and what they accomplish. 

We are on our Prayer badge and I think it’s going great.  I read three stories to them last night and by the third one they had had enough of that.  They get squirly if we go to long without something fun to do.

I will keep you posted!

The day I went without caffeine

I decided to try to give up one of my bad habits.  Caffeine is my only addiction, unless of course you count reality TV.

Studies say and doctors say that caffeine is bad and can affect your  badly.

Well I would have to agree about the stomach statement.  I am taking an antacid a day to combat severe heartburn – yikes!

I know it’s because of the coffee I drink.  I know this because I quit drinking it for a couple of weeks this summer and did not have to take an antacid at all.

At the time I quit buying regular coffee and was on decaf.  I also tried decaf pop.  But gradually I wiened myself back onto caffeine.  I don’t remember exactly which straw broke the camels back, but I think it was our trip to Medora. 

Anyway I switched to decaf at work with a couple of shots of decaf on the top (what can I say I like that bite in the first drink!).  When I am at home however I am not as diciplined and I really like the wake up call the strong shot of coffee provides.  But my stomache was killing me and the antacids had stopped working.  So I decided to not drink any caffeine the next day.

My day started like any other.  Up in the morning with a couple of glasses of water.  No coffee.  I went to work.  No coffee.  I started to feel a little shaky, but I kept on with the water and no coffee.  By noon my head had completely fogged over.  I had a massive headache and my nerves were shot.  Not even Ibuprophen would help at this point.  The worst part was I was in slow motion all day.  My butt was dragging!

Finally I decided to add a couple of shots of strong coffee to my decaf.  Almost instantly the fog began to clear.  My headache subsided little by little and dropped the lead out of my rearend!

I am not sure it was worth giving up.  I have been really good at work drinking only decaf with a little shot of the strong stuff on top.  But at home it’s a little harder to stay away from.  I have been able to cut the antacid intake though just by cutting down on caffeine, but they are always in reach!

This is the day! This is the day! This is the day that the Lord has made!

Once upon a time there was a little girl who had a dream. That dream was to become a professional writer.  At age 15 who really thinks about that?  Well me that’s who.

I had just watched the movie Crocadile Dundee and let me tell you I was never more sure about anything in my life.  I was going to become a famous newspaper writer traveling all over the world to interview hunky men with great accents and get the heck out of po-dunk-ville, to use the made up language of a 15 year old, small town, midwestern girl.

The moment the music started to play and Sue immerged from that helicopter to set foot in Australia, I knew it!  I knew it as sure as I knew my own name. And that name would have it’s own byline someday.

Of course she lived in New York and worked for her fathers newspaper, so she had certain advantages that I would certainly have to overcome.
None the less my determination was going to get me to Australia one day!

Unfortunately life has other ideas of how things will turn out. And I believe God’s sense of humor has a lot to do with that.

I have had my own by-line, albeit in the form of a weekly local column about fluff.  And I am still writing, albeit I haven’t sold anything, yet. And I am traveling quite a bit, albeit not to exotic foreign places to write about them.  I commute 60 miles a day to get to my job.  A job that actually produces a paycheck.

I would love to spend my days plunking out my stories as they fall from my mind onto the paper, but I can’t find anyone to pay me for that.  And I do like to eat, so a full time job earning a real paycheck it is.

I am married to a wonderfull man that would love to take me to Australia, but our son needs a house to protect him from the cold Minnesota winters more than I need a trip to the great down under, so a mortgage it is!

But through it all God has not given up on that child or her dream. I did afterall find the link to this website.  I believe my ticket to Australia is not lost forever, just postponed for a short time!

More on the great white tail expedition

The days leading up to opening weekend of deer hunting are the most exciting!
The whole week is filled with preperation. Finding all of our bright orange apparel, binaculars, knife, sleeping bags, warm underclothes and trying to fit all of this stuff into a bag that will not take up so much room!
That never happens. I am usually stuffing things into garbage bags and cramming them into my tiny little Honda.
Everyone generally arrives at my mom and dad’s house on Friday night. The eve of opening morning! Then of course we head over to my uncle’s cabin to check in.
We see who is up for the hunt and have a merry time chatting late into the evening!
As we crawl into our warm sleeping bags thoughts of white tails flickering and loud tromping noises through the brush fill our dreams.
After a short nap it’s up coffee and toast and many many layers of clothes!
I remember one year that we didn’t have to dress so warmly, but most years it’s cold!
After our morning hunt comes breakfast. We all start heading in around the same time. When we get in someone makes sure there is plenty of coffee and someone starts breakfast. It really is a family affair. We try to spread it around, so my mom doesn’t end up cooking for all of us hooligans.
After breakfast of course comes the much needed nap on the sofa or davenport as my grandma used to call it.
But alas! No nap is to be had, because of course after breakfast is the time when others are out and about checking to see if we have decreased the deer population at all.
Visitors come from far and wide. Luckily we always have plenty of coffee and treats to feed them.

I added more poetry today!

Man it feels good to write my poetry! I have been away from it for about a week or more and I have been feeling lost.
It is so freeing to speak what you want to speak and find different ways to do it.
My Thesaurus is one of my favorite books. I got it when I was in High School and I use it always when I am writing.
I love the way it smells too. It smells of an ancient book, like old paper and dust.
Well I hope you enjoy the poem. I hope to be back on here daily.

My clock is ticking!

When Mitch and first decided to get married I knew I wanted to become a mother. He joked that he wanted 10 children. We quickly compromised on five! Well it took longer than either of us thought it would to become pregnant with Benjmain, so we were happy with one! Then a couple of years later when I got pregnant again I was so happy!
But tragically that ended in a miscarriage. I was devasted for a long time.
I decided in my own head that I was meant to have only one child. But in the last year or more I have not been able to think about much else. I guess my clock is ticking as they say. But we have had no luck what so ever conceiving a baby on our own. I don’t want to go through the evasive treatments involved with invitro and the other medical options, so we are starting a new journey! More on that later.
I am really excited, but I know that Mitch is still in the “getting used to the idea” stage.
I really want to have more kids. Of course more kids mean more costs and with the way things are going in the world and our community today, stress is at a HIGH level in my house lately. I am trusting God every minute of every day these days.