Trying to keep fit or get fit anyway

squat challenge

I started my squat challenge yesterday.  It went really well.  Then today came!  Ouch.  Well enough whining.  After I did my squats then Mitch wanted to do his work out, so I followed along.  I must say I did pretty well, however some of the exercises jarred my knees and I didn’t like that.  But we did it and then I did a warm up with Denise somebody on the TV.  If we can keep disciplined we just might make it!  Keep up with us and let us know how you are doing!


I am the luckiest woman in the world.  I have just come from watching my 1 and 2 year-olds sleep.  Weird?  Only if you are not a mom maybe.  They are so peaceful and sooooooo precious!  They are when they are awake too, but they move so fast who can tell sometimes:)  I am so thankful to God for answering my prayers.  Not only that I would have more time with my children now, but that I have them at all.  I prayed and prayed for another baby when we lost our second to miscarriage.  Every month the time would come and I would not be pregnant.  It was so agonizing.  But then after five long years boom and boom!  What a blessing.  Then when Mitch asked if I would stay home and not work I thought I might fall off my chair.  But I didn’t, I said, “Ahhhh, that would be the best anniversary gift you could ever give me!”  And I meant it.  Even when the kids are on my tail and whinny and not feeling good or just want to be held.  I have to step back and say what a blessing!

The “also” principle

I have been attending a bible study luncheon at my church on Tuesdays and it has been very enlightening! 

Devi teaches about The Home Experience.  I have learned a lot about myself and I have only attended three sessions.  She goes in depth about how to take care of our families and our house while doing all the “other” things we have to do.  It really boils down to prioritizing and just getting it done. 

This week she talks about the also principle.  Which basically is just going the extra mile.  She talked about driving around in a $30,000 trash can on wheels for example.  Why can’t we just take the stuff out of the car  every time we get out?  Well because we may be juggling groceries and hurrying to make supper and whatever else there is to do when you get home.  But the trash and bags and what have you will still be in the car the next time you get in there.  Not to mention the fact that now you may have double the amount from this trip.  Just take the two or three minutes and take the trash out each time, so you don’t get overwhelmed with it at the end of the week!  Well I have to say my car is a trash can on wheels at times, because I am in the car for more than an hour a day to and from work, but the principle makes perfect sense, because when I do have a spare minute to clean my car it takes me half the day! 

Devi recommends applying this principle to every part of your life and I agree, however I am taking it one step at a time.  If I tried to get all the undone projects done in one day I would not sleep.  So I am working on my car and my bathroom.  I am trying to contain the trash to one spot and taking my books and bags out everyday when I get home.  This isn’t always the case, but I am trying.  I am also keeping my bathroom very tidy.  I clean off the vanity in the morning and wipe all of the excess toothpaste and water splashes from the sink and make sure the floor is picked up.  Before I would have clothes and towels on the floor and water all over the place.  But I have to tell you since I have been tidying up it is so much more pleasant to walk into!

I hope to keep applying the principle to each room and project, but as my friend Mary just said the other night, “Rome was not built in a day”.  So I guess I am on my way.


The rain is a beautiful thing when the weather has been 80 degrees for 3 consecutive days and we are looking for some relief.  However now we are looking for relief of a different kind.  Our farmers are not getting any of their crops in this year, because the rain and cold temps will not give up their hold on us northern Minnesotans.  We can handle -30 degrees in the winter, but 50 in June is too cold to grow a garden or sun bathe – even up north.  Ok now that I have had my complaint – the weather is supposed to start turning around on Wed and it will be 70 by Saturday – yeah!  I feel awful for the farmers though, because they have just been unemployed:(

Babies, babies, babies

Well I can sure tell it is spring time by one account anyway (certainly not by the weather).  There are women having babies like crazy around here! 

I would love to have a set of twins yet in my life.  If I did I would want them to be a boy and a girl.  I would name them Lizzie and Harry.  Lizzie after my Grandma and Harry after Mitch’s dad Harold. 

I fell in love with the names and used them on a couple in one of my stories.  Is that weird?  I suppose it’s only weird if I do have twins:)  From my lips to God’s ears!

I hope everyone has a blessed day!