Pop a top!

Ok this might mean something different to some of you.  But to me it means my canning jars sealed – yeah!  I know it seems like a stupid thing to be excited about, but I don’t enjoy canning that much, so when I hear those jar tops start popping I get excited! 

Canning is a lot of work with little payback.  The biggest benifit is saving what we can’t get up here in the winter time.  If you can preserve a fruit or vegetable and it tastes as fresh as when it’s picked from the garden that’s wonderful, but with inovation in frozen food and even the canned food at the store I don’t know if it’s worth the work! 

All of you canning maniacs will probably disagree with me, but that’s life and mine is busy enough.  I don’t need to add more work to the mix.  Call me lazy.


If life gives you Tomatoes make salsa!

I have acquired the greatest Salsa recipe that I have ever tasted and it’s home-made!  So if someone is giving tomatoes away from their garden this fall take them and try my easy and fresh tasting salsa recipe. 

When I made this salsa I was very proud of the result, so I wanted Mitch to try it.  I stuck the spoon in his mouth and he made a face.  Not a completely unwelcoming face, but not an excited appreciative face either.  He told me it was good and then said he wasn’t really a salsa person.  What?!  Salsa is tomatoes all smooshed up and made into a sauce of sorts.  He loves tomato sauce.  I believe he and Ben would have tomato sauce intravenously transported into their bodies if it was humanly possible.  spaghetti, tomato hotdish, pizza, maranara sauce with cheese sticks – it’s endless.  But apparently salsa is a different taste.  And that is fine, because there will be more for me!

Our day at the Roseau City Park

Being a mom is the single most thrilling experience one can have.  I thank my mom for the lessons and memories she gave in order for me to be the mom I am today.  My child’s smile is the sunshine in my heart!

I did it! I made Emeril’s Creamy Lemon Icebox Pie

This is very easy and so tastey!  The recipe will be posted in my new tab if you would like to try it.  The pictures above are from my day today.  Can you believe I had to squeeze four lemons to get a half a cup of juice?  I couldn’t believe it.  I bought five just in case, but I really thought it would only take a couple!

Inspiration comes from everywhere…

My bed and breakfast story came to me while reading a book by Nora Roberts, Sanctuary.  It’s a very dark and kind of scary story, but has some nice inlays which gave me inspiration.  The scenery was beautifully described and one scene in particular stuck with me through the dreary and sad story. 

Check out the new tab coming soon for Inspiration and book suggestions!

Check out my new tab!

I have added a recipe tab to the blog.  I will post easy and quick family meals and recipes that won’t break the bank.  Most of the recipes call for ingredients many homes keep in stock.  And of course they will not be time consuming!  Who has time these days?  Not me, but we have to eat right?