A miracle happened yesterday…

I touched someones life.  I didn’t jsut make them smile or give them something to make them happy.  I actually mad a difference in a little girls life.

One of my pris has a more than somewhat complicated home life – to say the least.  Her Grandma came up to me yesterday at church and said that she talks about me constantly.  She was so proud because I told the class that I would be at their spring program at school.  She told her Grandma that only two people came to see her perform.  Her mom and me.  The anxiety I experience each Wednesday when I am rushing off to church and not cooking my family supper has dissapeared.   I have made a difference.  I am doing my job!


Social Security

What does that really mean?  When I look at the literal sense of both words it means, to me at least, that we will be taken care of.  No worries, right?  Well not so much anymore. 

I hear people complaining all the time that the Government has ruined everything it touches.  Really?  Who let them?  Who keeps electing these bone heads?  That would be us.  I dont think we have anyone to blame but our stupid selves for getting this country into trouble. 

We are fools if we think we can keep spending money we don’t have.  And I am not only talking about the Government.  Every day on TV I see another add telling consumers that they can help them get out of financial ruin.  The commercial says, “It’s your right to get out of paying these tax bills.  Call us and we will take care of it for you.”  Well if it’s not their obligation to pay their bills who’s is it?  Maybe if we actually made people pay their taxes instead lowering their bills we would have more money int he Government.  Or maybe people should get their heads out of the clouds and quit thinking they are entitled to everything and start working toward goals. 

My dad told me one time when I was a kid, “If you get everything you ever wanted right now what will you have to look forward to when you’re older.”  He was right!  Now I have to try and instill that in my children.  When all of their friends are getting this new gadget and that new gadget.  I don’t even know how to run most of them! 

I am finding it a lot harder to be a parent to a seven year old than a toddler!  At seven kids know everything already.  I think I must have waited until I was at least thirteen before I pronounced my superior intellegence.  When Ben was little I was a genius!  I knew everything, now I am so stupid I don’t know how I graduated:-)  Did I really just say that?  Yes I did I have become my mother! 

Hah!  Not the first sign people.  I have slowly been evolving into my mother for the past several years.  I have even slapped my hand over my mouth saying out loud, “Did I just say that?”