2014 New Year’s Resolutions…


Every year it’s the same old thing. You make a list and keep it up for awhile, but then it seems to become a lost memory. Well at least that is the way it happens for me. Maybe if we post our resolutions and we look at them everyday we can keep up with them. That is what I am going to try. My resolution list is short and it’s more of a schedule than a list, but I am going to try my hardest to keep it going all year long! Go ahead and post your resolutions too! Thanks for reading my blog!

I started my cleaner eating pledge and my exercise on Sunday, so I don’t know if that counts or not.

Trying to write everyday has become a whole lot easier with my new computer I received for Christmas from my honey, so I don’t know if that counts either.

Trying to make God #1 in my life.  It’s been a difficult battle for me to remain with Him all the time.  I know He is with me, but sometimes I am just not with Him.

Be happy!

This is really an ongoing list of improvements, so I will leave it open for adding more…


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