Another day in paradise


Yesterday was such a busy day at work it flew by!  I felt like I didn’t accomplish one thing completely, because there was always something else tugging at me to get done.  Oh well, I like the fast days!  I hope today goes equally fast.

Ben went back to school and had a great day.  His cough is still there, but he looks better than he did the other day.

My mom and dad are off to see Kylar and Kodye in Montana!  I wish they didn’t live so far away, but I wish more that I could go and see them more often.  It’s such a long trip and it’s not cheap to drive or fly.  I am just so glad my mom and dad can go and spend time with them.  We get to see them at Christmas.  I hope they are here for a week! 

Ben built a fort in the living by tipping over my rocking chair and draping a blanket over the top.  What is it with boys and forts?  They love them! 

I am so glad it’s Friday!  I am hoping to start working on Lizzie and Harry again soon.  I am waiting for the right time.  I haven’t had any energy or inspiration lately.  I wonder if I should stop stalling and just dive into it?  It’s like I am afraid to finish it.  Oh well I will keep praying and the answer will come.

Have a blessed day!




My little man has been not feeling well this week.  I kept him home from school yesterday, because he complained of a belly ache.  It didn’t last long and he was bouncing off the walls in no time, but I think he needed an extra day of rest.  He didn’t cough at all last night.

He sat at the table and on the floor most of the day working on an activity book he received for fire safety week.  The child is very smart and not afraid to attack a project that may be to old for him.  He is six and he did a word find and crossword puzzle!  I helped a little, but not very much! 

He loves to write letters to people and stories.  The other day I see him write a word and then lay his finger down beside it and start to write another word.  I asked him what he was doing.  He said writing a sentence.  So that is how they learn to space the words correctly!  I can’t remember any of that stuff!  And in first grade, really? 

His reading is coming along fabulously as well.  He breezes through all the worksheets.  And his memory is just great!  At the beginning of the year the teacher told us he was having trouble sitting still and paying attention, but not to worry, because that comes with age.  Well I think he has improved 110%.  Yesterday he sat and did all of his homework and that workbook.


I guess we should learn not to plan our weekends out to the last second!  Ben woke up on Thursday morning with a fever and a terrible cough.  We have been resting and cuddling for two whole days.  Today he was finally feeling a little better. 

I went out and collect sticks and leaves so we could work on a project today.  He made Grandma Mary a picture with a letter on it and then made a frame around it with sticks and glue.  It turned out very nice and he earned an elective for Cub Scouts! 

Daddy surprised him by bringing home a Polaris jacket for him.  We were supposed to go shopping for a new winter jacket today too, but Ben was still feeling a little under the weather, so we decided to postpone it.  Then Mitch really came through by bringing one home for him.  He had asked for a Polaris jacket.  Ben says he will wear it all weekend.  I believe him as he hasn’t taken it off yet and Mitch has been home for two hours:-)


It’s MEA this weekend, which means no school on Thursday and Friday!  Yeah!  And since I have finally started to occur enough vacation I am able to take both days off to spend with my little man!  It feels so great not being restricted as to how many days I can take off to spend with Benjamin.  We have a busy weekend coming up too!  Thursday is visiting with Nikki, Friday is visiting with Grandma Mary and going to the Halloween party at Doug’s Supermarket, and Saturday is off to Fargo for Brylie’s birthday party at the pumpkin patch!  We are so excited!  I think I may need a nap just thinking about it.  Have a fantastic day!

flower pen001

My friend is having a lousy day today and I am not sure what to do for her!  I feel terrible that she is going through a rough patch.  Lord please help her through this!  Please give me the wisdom to help her if I can, give me the words!

Verse for today…

But a time is coming, and has come, when you will be scattered, each to his own home.  You will leave me all alone.  Yet I am not alone, for my Father is with me.  In me you may have peace.  I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world!

John 16:32-33

We are never alone in this world.  Even when it has beaten us down and left us for dead Jesus is there waiting for us to call out to Him!  Call out to Him!  Now is the time.  There may be only minutes left on this earth to tell His story and tell about His love.  Only He knows how long we are put on this earth for and while we are here we have only to spread His word.  It’s laid out plainly for us in the bible.

It’s fall?

I wish I had memory disks for my camera so I could show you the scene out my office window today!  It’s quite beautiful and yet terribly disturbing at the same time.

Our summer was about a week long with 80 degree temperatures.  Beyond that we had nothing higher.  This is ok with me, I am not complaining.  However in October we should be enjoying the brisk, crispy walks through the leaves in our yard.  Instead, today, we will be shoveling snow off of our deck! 

I guess I won’t be transplanting my irises’ today.  It’s really only a dusting of snow and will be gone shortly, however the 24 degree temperature makes it feel more like the end of November than the beginning of October.

My son was so excited the other night when I came home from work.  He was sitting on the couch and I asked him if he saw the snow, because in Warroad it had snowed several times throughout the day.  He told me it hadn’t snowed here.  About 15 minutes later it came and he jumped on the couch and squealed to high heaven!  Then he said he was going outside and he jumped on the deck and squealed some more.  That snow didn’t last long, but last night the snow stayed and he had all his winter gear spread out in the kitchen and soon he looked as though it was the middle of January. 

Again I wish I had my camera ready, so I could show you the picture of him standing in the kitchen with red snow pants, pak winter boots, warm black mittens and  heavy winter jacket on, ready to go out and play in the 1/2 inch of fallen snow on Oct 9th in northern Minnesota.  I am guessing it was a familiar scene in houses all across our county. 

Kids love winter!  Until they have to start driving in it that is!