Light of the World

coffeJohn 1: 4-5

In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

This passage stopped me from going further this morning. It’s singing to my heart. We all have darkness from time to time. Our outward appearances may display otherwise, but I am certain we all have moments of uncertainty, despair, depression and what ever else we want to call it. In reality our light is being covered.

This passage assures us that the darkness will not overcome our light. A covered light is not an extinguished light, it’s just covered. Turn your darkness toward Jesus and come back into the light.


Some thoughts for the day…

cup of coffee and flower!


The good news of God’s grace… Act 20:24

Forgiveness by Grace through faith.  It’s the only way!
Save us and help us with your right hand, that those you love may be delivered. Psalm 108:6
What an awesome prayer to remember. We do not bring people to Jesus. We are His right hand and He will help us, but again we must begin the conversation.
-From the Study Portion of my devotion – David prayed not only for rescue, but for Victory! Look for ways God can use your distress as an opportunity to show His mighty power.

I don’t have any real distress in my life, and what I do have is completely and totally self-inflicted. I mean if I could just get out of my own head and let God wrap His arms around me I would probably be fine. Unfortunately my stubborn nature wants to do everything by myself. And I can’t believe I just said that! Meri always wants to do everything by herself and I always say, let me help you. And that is what God is trying to say too. Are you listening? Are you hearing what God wants you to hear?  Are you letting Him help you on your journey? Let’s make a promise to let God help us on our journey. Let’s open our hearts to Him today.

Coffee with Jesus…

jesus feetcup of coffee and flower!

So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in Him, rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught and overflowing with thankfulness. Col 2:6-7

I was about to read my devotional and a prayer struck me. So I prayed, I read the verse and then an aroma wafted by my nose. I realized I hadn’t taken a sip of my coffee yet and voilà I was having coffee with Jesus!

The prayers of the day are many today, as everyday I guess, but today there is illness and spirit that need to be healed. I pray that the Lord will hear my prayer and bring peace to not only me, but those others who are also praying and needed answers.

Bless us this day oh Lord with peace and love for one another as we should love you! Fill our hearts with happiness, kindness, compassion and the zeal of David! Empty our hearts of loneliness, sickness, hatred and complaining. Thank you Lord for not forgetting about me. I am only one and you love me…

How great thou art! .


Stranded at home!


Help! I am stuck at home today and I must say I don’t like it at all.  I accomplished quite a bit, but I don’t like feeling like I can’t go anywhere. I have been watching old episodes of Alaska The Last Frontier and I can’t imagine how those people can make 9 months of winter without going crazy. Some of them appear to be crazy, but I would literally lose my mind if I lived there.

I am so grateful for a warm house tonight! -26 windchill right now. I hope that all are safe if you must go out!

My view is pretty dark right now. We are pretty sheltered in the trees so when the clouds parted today there was a beautiful blue sky, but looking toward the road was a nasty mess.

Trying out a couple of new scenes

Laura walked into Clear Mountain coffee, subconsciously smoothing her suit jacket and running her fingers through her straight bobbed hair. She wasn’t aware of the nervousness creeping up on her until that moment. As she walked to the counter to order her cup of Joe her hands gave way to a slight tremble. She stared down at them in disbelief.

“Can I help you?” A soft masculine voice broke her concentration.

“What? Um, yes,” she said shaking her head.

As she looked up a smile met her eyes. Her heart did a cart-wheel. She felt her eyes widen in surprise and a smile sprang onto her face before she could stop it.

“Medium Columbian blend, please,” she said quickly averting her stare. Looking anywhere in fact, but in those piercing blue eyes. A tingling sensation skittered up her spine like lighting in a storm.

“Sure, that will be no problem,” came that velvety voice with a kind reply.  “Let me get that right away.”

The heat rising in Laura’s cheeks flustered her beyond belief. She knocked over a display of cookies reaching for her hot beverage. She turned to get away and bumped into the person behind her.

Could this scenario get any worse? She thought to her self.

Here it is. My second submission for the Writing Challenge at Harlequin.

The second challenge:  Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.  And she wanted a scene with a wet bare chest.  There you have it.  Hope you enjoy!

Timing is everything

by KarLynn Erickson

Crashing waves were music to Sara’s tired ears. It was a far cry and needed break from the noise of the city she was more used to. Honking horns and busy traffic was all part of her life for such a long time, she just got used to it. When she first arrived the virtual silence was deafening. Now she was captivated by the way the waves crawled up the beach and were sucked back into the ocean in a swift motion. The picturesque scene finally beginning to relax her strained and stressed body.

Sara hadn’t ever indulged in a vacation. Her 80 hour weeks at the firm would not allow her to. She wanted to climb the proverbial ladder to advertising executive stardom instead.
So when her assistant Bob came bounding to her office that horrid day with a message from her boss, Jim, with an invitation to visit his office before she left, she assumed her hard work had paid off and he would announce her promotion.

“Ok, tell him I am on my way,” she told her eager messenger. He shot her his signature thumbs-up with a broad smile and was off to his next errand.
Oddly she remembered the rain pelting against the window as it had done that whole week. It had been miserable and would not let up.

She had walked over to the gold framed mirror hanging on her office wall, sucked in a deep breath and simultaneously thunder rumbled and a lightning strike cracked and she told herself to relax. She exhaled and rolled her shoulders back. She carried her 5’9 frame tall and straight, she knew it told most people she was a confident woman. However, Sara could beat herself up over minute mistakes with the best of them. She was a perfectionist after all and when it wasn’t perfect, she felt like falling apart. She had dabbed some color on her lips, slicked back her hair into the neat bun that sat at the back of her head and walked to Jim’s office.

The news of her demise hit her hard. She remembered feeling as though the air had been sucked out of the room and her mouth was so dry. She looked around for some water, but couldn’t find any and Jim had not offered to rescue her from her parchment. His only offer was a severance package and a recommendation.

She couldn’t even speak. She just nodded her head and marched down the hall with her head hanging low. She met no one’s eyes and didn’t look back when she entered her former office. She packed her things with-in the hour and was gone, wiped clean from a position she coveted in a company she treasured.

Now she sucked in a shaky breath as the memory threatened to consumer her. She refused to let it. She forced a smile as the warm water tickled her toes. She didn’t know what she was going to do or even why she was here, but her parents had insisted a vacation was just what she needed to bounce back better than ever.

She smiled at the thought of her parents. They knew her goals were ambitious, but had always been her biggest cheerleaders. She looked up and smiled at the sun that warmed her olive toned complexion. Her body already bronzed by the constant exposure of the last few days.

She scanned the area which had been her solace while she lazily soaked up the rays. Her eyes settled on the surf shop. She hadn’t even noticed it before, which confirmed the trance she had been in. After much internal wrestling she goaded herself into getting up and walking in that direction. Enough sitting around doing nothing, she thought to herself, I need to do something!

“Can I help you?” The words came before the person appeared. Then out of an opening in the straw hut came a shirtless man in Bermuda shorts. His wavy hair, bleached from many hours in the sun, blew across his face.

“Ah, yes I believe so, “Came her weak reply. She drew in a deep breath and then, “I think I might want a surf lesson or two. Can you help me with that?” Her heart skipped a beat as she waited in anticipation for his answer.

The deep voice with a slight rasp sent a quick tickle up her spine.

“I can do that.” He said with the whitest smile she had ever seen. His teeth seemed to glean when he opened his mouth.
“Today?” She let the word drag out trying to slow her speech. She hoped her voice took on a low and lazy tone, but knew better. She was not good at flirting, but something about this man left her feeling excited for the first time in a long time.

He turned and went back inside. Her heart dropped and she hoped she hadn’t over done it.

Several minutes passed when he finally emerged. The breath caught in her throat as she fought hard to compose herself.

Water dripped from every muscle that rippled down his bare chest.

“Can you go out now?” He asked as if the question wasn’t out of the ordinary.

Once again her tongue was so dry it stuck to the inside of her mouth. She opened it, but no words came out. She looked around for something to drink, but for the second time in a short while there was nothing to quench her overwhelming thirst.

Adventure seekers welcome

Ok so now when I say adventure your mind probably travels somewhere tropical with lots of jungle or lots of water and swarming sharks.  Or maybe it travels to the top of a snow-covered mountain and your holding a snowboard or climbing gear almost nearing the top.  Or maybe even still your inside of a speeding race car rounding the next corner.

Well I am not an ordinary adventure seeker.  We just got another rabbit.  And I ordered chickens.  And I looked at another cat today.  And decided to get a female companion for the male rabbit.  Busy day?  That is an understatement.  Not enough adventure for you?  Well it’s plenty for me.  We have 3 children and with all of those animals I expect the hi-jinx  to increase 10 fold.

buddy Our new Mini Lop – Buddy.  Who is not mini in any sense of the word!

chickensOur new fancy chickens – something Belgian – De Fleur

We lost Stella who was our first rabbit.  She was pure white with pink/red eyes.  She was great.  But in a thunderstorm her latch on her cage broke and she bolted.  6 days later the neighbor called and said he saw her in their yard.  Mitch bought a live trap and they almost caught her, but her wild instincts kicked in and we haven’t seen her since.  I am sure she’s now getting ready to have babies even though my husband doesn’t think she would cross breed with a wild hare.

Ha!  Anyway…bunnies kissing

So now we will become rabbit and chicken farmers.  Maybe by next summer we can get a goat!  Ooohhh, can you say BIG adventure.  Hahaha!  Have a great day!


I saw this sign on Facebook of course,

misquito pic

I saw this sign on Facebook of course, I am sure it’s been everywhere, but this year in Minnesota it’s the honest to God truth!  We came back from a little vacation in Las Vegas and my kids have been feeding the mosquitos very well!  My little pumpkin looks like she has contracted the chicken pox, poor thing.

We always seem to have the worst mosquitos where I live.  It’s deep in the woods and extremely humid here.  There is lots of grass and of course delicate new skin from the kids to feed on.  They love that.  They don’t bother me as much, probably because I am just used to them or my skin is old and leathery and difficult for them to chew through.  Who knows.  I just wish they would let up a little.  It’s making it impossible to go to the lake.  Not to mention we will have to take out a small loan soon to pay for Cortizone and repellent.  Have a bug free day!

Dirt in my fingers

weeders finger

I can’t even believe how excited I am to have a garden again this year!  I have been feeling guilty about that garden spot growing into a grassy part of the yard for 10 years.  When we moved in 12 years ago one of the first things I wanted to do was find a garden spot.  I found it and Mitch brought home a tiller so we dug it up.  I planted, it grew, the summer was totally dry and a lot of the stuff was eaten by crickets.  We did get lots of cucumbers and beans.  I was disappointed, but wanted to keep it up.  Then I became pregnant and any outdoor activity seemed way beyond my energy level, so the garden went to the bugs!  Every year it seemed a little more work than I had time for especially with a little one.  Then our tiller quit working and that seemed like the perfect excuse not to continue with worrying about having a garden.  I gave up!  Plain and simple.  I had grand ideas of what I wanted to do, but lacked the drive to work for it.  Ugh!

Well now I am a changed woman and I don’t have babies anymore.  Even though I call the two hoodlums babies, they are actually toddlers and can keep themselves busy in the yard just fine.

I was out tilling tonight and every turn I make in that dirt just makes me smile!  The smell of freshly turned soil is so relaxing.  Even with a big rear-tine tiller jarring my arms back and forth through rough rooted grass land.  I am in heaven and can’t wait to get back out there tomorrow.  Hopefully we can get some mounds and rows completed and get some seeds in the ground.

Look what we did today!  What was a patch of grass will soon become a bountiful harvest(we hope!).  I think I am most excited about the pumpkin patch!  Thank you mom for all the seeds!  The kids are going to have a blast.  The babies already had fun in the dirt today.  They were running through here like they had never seen such a fun playground.  Kids!  Just wait until they have to weed or pick potato bugs:-)


I love freshly mown grass!  It took most of the day, but I think we got it!  I didn’t take pictures of the other two sections, because that would just be bragging:-)  Haha!

DSC02530 DSC02529

To me a view from the toolies is this!  My child didn’t know what a skyscraper was until it was a vocabulary word in his Social Studies class.  When we sit on our deck as far as our eyes can see there are field and trees.  I love it that way.  No concrete jungle or tin city.  Only what God created.



Cherry blossoms and all.  I thought I killed my Hastas but they are coming up!  I was so excited.  Everything in the garden took it’s sweet time coming to the surface and I was starting to get nervous.


Enjoy your day!