This challenge is working for me!


squat challenge

I completed my 100 squats this morning for day 9 and it was really not that bad.  Yesterday on my “rest” day I was kind of dreading the big 100!  I am so glad I am sticking to this.  Day 1 I was 190 pounds and Day 8 I weighed in at 183.5.  I didn’t think I was losing any weight at all.  I do a little cardio and some elliptical along with this through out my day, but nothing regimented, just when I have time.  I hope that you find something that works for you if your desire is to be fit and lose some weight!




We can so easily forget what the meaning of Christmas is. Do we really know? Read Luke 2 and find out! It is now that we need to instill the knowledge of Jesus birth in our children. We can’t let them live the fairy tail for a few years and then let them decide what to believe. With Christmas programs in full swing I pray that your church teaches the story as it happened and doesn’t glamorize the night that Christ came to this earth. Be joyful and thankful and loving everyday, because Christ came to this earth to bring that to YOU! Accept it and live it.

I need to take my own advice. With our Christmas program and everything else going on the last couple of weeks I have not been full of joy. Full of anxiety and stress, yes, full of joy, no. I pray that your family will take the time to sit and enjoy one another this Christmas season. Leave the fighting and bickering outside in the cold where it belongs.

The Letter Writer

I have just watched a fantastic heartwarming movie. The Letter Writer. I hadn’t ever witnessed a preview previously, but caught a glimpse on Netflix. It looked good, so gave it a try. It is so sentimental and symbolic. If you are wondering why you exist you should watch this movie, pray and listen for God to tell you! You are here for a reason you just have to stop being so stubborn and listen for the path that God wants you on. And remember to bless someone else during the course of your day.

Get in the wheelbarrow!

This book I am reading talked about the dare devil who would walk across the Niagra Falls on a tight rope.  He decided to do one better and told everyone in town that the following saturday he would push someone across the rope in a wheelbarrow. 

He was standing outside the pub when he heard one gentleman tell another I believe he can do it and I have this much money to bet.  He was amused so he went to the gentleman and said he was so glad the man had so much faith in him, because he needed someone to get in the wheelbarrow!  HA!!!

I laughed out loud.  That is a great visual picture of what we are supposed to do when God nudges us to follow him.  We say all the time we are believers, but are we really?  Are we willing to get in the wheelbarrow and be pushed across the millions of gallons of water falling over a cliff?  Really? 

I sometimes have trouble talking about my faith with people I know and trust.  Am I going to put myself out their for perfect strangers to ridicule me too?  That is what God wants us to be willing to do.  Faith, belief, trust, love… The end result is that God will have a good result.  Faith, belief, trust, love….  That is what we are ordered to do.  If we don’t we have nothing.

Hope of Salvation as a Helmet!

1 Thessalonians 5:8 talks about faith and love. 

…let us be self-conrolled, putting on faith and love as a breastplate and hope of salvation as a helmet. 

The bumpy roads I have been on in the last few months have made me wish I had a helmet.  To bad I have been ignoring the nudge of my spirit.  I had the armor I needed to shield me against all negativity and harmful thoughts, yet I chose to sit in that dark and not listen to my inner peace. 

I am broken free!  I have made it through at least a little bit of the muddy water that has been my vision.  This new study I am doing is really helping me.  And the ladies I am doing the study with are a big help too.  Even if I don’t show it, they are a big help to me!

I have a roast in the crockpot, several dozen cookies baked and fresh buns raising. It has been a very rewarding day! Ben and I may even pull out the tree today.

The tree is such a significant symbol of the holiday season. Of course the fact that the snow decided to show up suddenly also adds to my anticipation and excitment.

I am adding a new cookie recipe to my Recipes I reccommend section.

My yard is done for the summer…

Of course there is always a lot of work when it comes to keeping up a yard.  But when your yard is measured in acres, not lots or square feet, there is a little more to it. 

Mitch is always trying to come up with new ways to “use up the space” in our yard.  Mostly so he can eliminate some of the mowing!  It’s fine with me, because he has created beautiful masterpieces.  He has worked so hard and now it’s really showing. 

We sat in the gazebo and ate dinner the other night.  It brings such refuge from the blistering sun and giant mosquitos we grow in northern Minnesota.  Of course my favorite thing on the gazebo is the sun deck!  I am a sun junkie.  I know I know it’s bad for my skin, but it makes me feel so good to soak up some of that natural energy!

Don’t judge.  You just never know what someone has gone through in their life or even in that day!  The prettiest, the richest, the poorest, the most deformed people have stuff going on in their lives that they may not have any control over.  Love them.  Help them.  Give to them.

Bible Camp

I don’t know if I have written about this before, probably but I don’t care.  Some of my favorite memories as a child are of Bible Camp and Vacation Bible School.

We always went to Galilee Bible Camp in Lake Bronson and it was sooooo much fun!  I want to go so bad and I just can’t wait for Ben to get old enough to want to go.  Now they have all these new fancy camps like Blue Water and Pathways and I am sure they are great, but when d you go to a camp and every year there are some of the same people and better yet some new people to get to know and hang out with, it is unbelievable!  I miss those days of ante i over and tag.  The shy looks over at boys you liked or the giggles shared by girlfriends.  Oh how I feel so old when I look back through that memory bank.


We went to Detroit Lakes last weekend to meet Tricia and Christian.  The boys played and played and played and talked and talked and talked.  Oh and we googoo and gaagaaed over the baby to of course!  It was so much fun.

The boys played in the pool and had a blast as well.  Ben is just learning to swim.  He still uses his floaties on his arms, but he is getting so brave it’s great!  He still gets a little nervous when his head goes under the water.  I always tell him not to panic and just take deep breaths.  Well he started to jump in the water in the deep end.  One time he came up gagging and flailing his arms, so I ran over to him.  I told him to stop panicking and take a deep breath, to which he replied, “Mom I am not panicking I was just afraid I was going to drown!”

Ha!  Well there you have it!