That Darn Economy!

Maybe her Grandmother knew it would be their last Thanksgiving together.

Suddenly Sheila shook herself out of her trance.  She grabbed for the little pink towel that hung from the pure white pole in her perfectly orderly bathroom.  She gazed around the white tiled room that had nothing out of place.  Her toothbrush stood at attention in the cup made for it.  Her toothpaste lay with the cap in tact in the medicine cabinet out of sight.  Not even a water spot was found on the sink or mirror.  Everything in her life exuded order.


Finally…A Hit!

I have attempted to make meals that are not boring and not the same every week.  I have been told by Ben and Mitch to stick to the old favs – cause they aren’ t much for experimenting – they like what they like.  But I get bored very easily and I don’t want to eat the same thing every week. 

I finally tried something different that was a real home-run! 

I had some hamburger buns left over in the fridge, so I took them out, cut them in half, slathered butter on the top and popped them int he over to broil for two minutes.  I fried some hamburger with chili seasoning.  Added the hamburger to the bun topped with shredded cheese and broiled for another 2 minutes.  Both of them loved it and expressed thanks more than once.  This morning Mitch said I should really make that again. 

So I guess I won’t stop cooking for the two picky-butts:-)

That Darn Economy!

Sheila rolled over and tried in vain to pry her tired eyes open to view the glowing red lights at her side.  She squinted against her exhaustion and saw the clock read 3:00 am. 

What!  She bolted from the bed and grabbed the phone from its cradle.  She knew it had to be an emergency if someone was calling at this hour. 

Her mother wept on the other end of the line.

“What is it mom?”  She asked timidly

She had flashbacks of her cousin’s death ten years earlier.  It was the first experience she had with death that was so close to her.  The call came in and she stood frozen as her mother replayed the details of the swimming accident. 

She stood in the same place now and listened intently while her mother told her that her Grandmother had passed.  She knew her mother was explaining what had happened, but she quit listening as soon as the harsh truth hit her. 

“No more Grandma?”  She whispered to herself.  “Oh my gosh!”

She shook her head to wake from the trance she had just fallen into.  Her mother was now giving details of what would happen next.

“Do you have this whole thing planned out already?”  Sheila asked her mother with an unkind edge to her voice.

“Your grandmother has not been feeling well for quite some time.  She wanted everything set before she went.”  Her mother said devoid of emotion.  She knew her mother must be exhausted and overwhelmed with all she was going through. 

“I am sorry mom, really really sorry!  I will have to tie up some things at work tomorrow and I will be in the car after lunch.  I will be home tomorrow night to help you with what ever you need.  What should I bring you from here?”  Sheila tried to be more upbeat for her mother’s sake.



My little man has been not feeling well this week.  I kept him home from school yesterday, because he complained of a belly ache.  It didn’t last long and he was bouncing off the walls in no time, but I think he needed an extra day of rest.  He didn’t cough at all last night.

He sat at the table and on the floor most of the day working on an activity book he received for fire safety week.  The child is very smart and not afraid to attack a project that may be to old for him.  He is six and he did a word find and crossword puzzle!  I helped a little, but not very much! 

He loves to write letters to people and stories.  The other day I see him write a word and then lay his finger down beside it and start to write another word.  I asked him what he was doing.  He said writing a sentence.  So that is how they learn to space the words correctly!  I can’t remember any of that stuff!  And in first grade, really? 

His reading is coming along fabulously as well.  He breezes through all the worksheets.  And his memory is just great!  At the beginning of the year the teacher told us he was having trouble sitting still and paying attention, but not to worry, because that comes with age.  Well I think he has improved 110%.  Yesterday he sat and did all of his homework and that workbook.

Babies, babies, babies

Well I can sure tell it is spring time by one account anyway (certainly not by the weather).  There are women having babies like crazy around here! 

I would love to have a set of twins yet in my life.  If I did I would want them to be a boy and a girl.  I would name them Lizzie and Harry.  Lizzie after my Grandma and Harry after Mitch’s dad Harold. 

I fell in love with the names and used them on a couple in one of my stories.  Is that weird?  I suppose it’s only weird if I do have twins:)  From my lips to God’s ears!

I hope everyone has a blessed day!


We were riding in the car the other day and Benjamin looks over at me thoughtfully.  He says, “Mom did you already go to college?”  I said “Yes,” proudly and smiled at him.

Then he says, “So what are you then?”

Hmm…  Ok that caught me a little off guard!  What am I?  I am a mother, I am a wife, I am a cook, I am a housekeeper, I am a bus driver, I am an animal trainer, and sometimes I am a zoo keeper! 

So what I really said was, “I work at Marvins and I am a Travel Coordinator.”  And he says, “No, but whaaat arrrre youuuu?”

Oh boy this is not going to go well no matter what I say if it’s not a doctor or a lawyer or a power ranger, so I just say, “I am the one who organizes everyones travel schedule at work.  I talk on the phone and play on the computer.

“Oh ok.”  He says without another word.

Ya know one of my co-workers tells a little story at the beginning of his presentations about his little boy and what he thinks his daddy does.

He asked his little boy one day after the little boy told his dad to have a good day at work, “What kind of place do you think I work at?”  And the little boy replied, “Mmm… Candy store?”

Well my co-workers says what else would he think.  I go to work and bring home treats!

I guess we can’t expect little minds to pick up on all of our insecurities.  If we think we do everything, but they only see part of it then in their mind that’s all we do:-)


My love for food slowed me down to a slow crawl in life.

My love for God has revved me back up!

I am walking for Jesus now and although it is not an easy route I know it’s the right route!

I pray for everyone that I know to come to know Jesus like I am getting to know him!