The most wonderful day

I accomplished my goals for the day. I was exhillirated at the realization! In an almost celebratory tone Mitch suggested we go out to dinner. Bonus for me – no cooking!
In a surprise move, on the way, Mitch laid his hand my leg. It was so sweet and romantic. Then Zander broke the mood with a wail. Yes we had the kids did you really think we wouldn’t:-)
At dinner the good atmosphere started to diminish when both children decided they were starving and no longer wanted to wait. Luckily the appetizer arrived and all were satisfied. Dinner was a blast from then on. I laughed so hard at the kids and at Mitch. It was night to remember.


A pilot?

My current mode of transportation sounds more like a prop plane taking off on our driveway than my sporty little green Honda. Do you think I can send a bill to the county for a new muffler? I wish they would plow before the road has to be driven on. I guess that’s the price we pay for living in the toolies!

A Christmas story

My son Ben came home from shopping with my husband Mitch. He excidedly tells me he got me a present. Of course I ask him what it is. He says, “I cant tell you,but its your favorite kind of chocolate!”
What could I do, but laugh?

What’s in a heartbeat?

I had another doctor apt recently. Something very interesting happened. The babies heartbeat was slow and low. Not so low to be worried,just much lower than the other two kids ever was. So thtat leaves me to wonder what other differences will the baby have?
I get to have a revealing ultrasound in January, so we will see if my suspicions are correct.