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I will be discussing my favorite books on this page.  Please feel free to recommend books for me to read or comment on my books.  I would love discussion!

the prodigal comes home

Set in the beautiful back drop of Mirror Lake Wisconsin this story unfolds quickly.  It’s a short book, with a great story line!  A love story of course, what else do I read, right?  The name says a lot about the story already.  But the imagery of a small town and how secrets and grudges can harm reputations and souls is a fantastic plot.  Zoey has come to know Christ on a personal level and she doesn’t think anyone will believe her when she suddenly has to go back home to take care of her grandmother.  Her teenage years were filled with rebellion and anger and that is what she fears everyone will remember about her.  Of course there are new members of the community she left behind so many years ago and they have no idea who she was only who she is.  Some of the old members of the community see what changes have happened and come to love her for her as well.  But the old tragedies she lives with overshadow her peace in the Lord.  The story unfolds nicely and is again a great summer love story.



Montana book

This was a great summer romance book!  The characters were believable, which Debbie’s usually are, and the story line was pretty good.  Set in the mountains of Montana, obviously, the story starts with Molly receiving a distressed call about her grandfather.  He lives alone on the family ranch in Montana and his health is not good.  She has many things going on in her own life and has to make a decision about her future within a very short time.  Her past mistakes creep in and out of the obvious love attraction she finds herself in when she visits the ranch.

There are a couple of sub stories that enter and Debbie does a fantastic job with this.  They appear at perfect times and really explain the history of both of the main protagonists.

Although I am not sure I would jump into a marriage/business arrangement as Molly did, but she has her reasons desperate times call for desperate measures.  The characters are hard-working, good valued people and that is what I like in my characters.  I would definitely recommend this book as a summer read.  However, I don’t ever have to endorse Debbie Macomber, she is a star!

Daughter of the Loom by Tracie Peterson

daughter of the loom

This book is set in the 1800’s when Industrialization was beginning to enter parts of the United States.  I loved the writing and the descriptions.  These two writers certainly know how to come together to tell a wonderful story.  Women did not have many rights or options at this point in time, so when Lilly lost her mother then her father she was left to fend for herself.  She has a brother who you will find is less than a desirable character.  She is forced to find employment to support herself.  Many girls came to Lowell, Mass to work in the textile mills that had been built within the previous five years.  Her hatred and depression are almost her ruin until she starts to listen to what God really wants from her.  She was previously mixing her own agenda with what she thought God was leading her to do.  She finds many new friends in the boarding house that is her new home.  She comes in contact with a few undesirable characters as well.  As I mentioned women had few rights and men held the places of authority in the mills.  So sometimes the girls were forced to put up with unwanted attempts at physical contact and other abuses.  But when they find the right person to help them things are set straight.  It was a very different time than we live in right now that is for sure.  But I love the proper language and rules of etiquette that are required of this period.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!  This is a series of three books.  I will begin the second in the series today!

Unstoppable Me! by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer with Kristina Tracy

unstopable me

I wouldn’t normally be reviewing a children’s book, because I have never thought to do so before now!  This book is so AWESOME.  It really shows kids how to gain self esteem and teaches rhyming power at the same time.  I just love it.  I read it to my 2 and 3 year olds this morning and of course they loved the sing song nature of the words and the bright pictures, but did not grasp the real essence of the book.  Which by the way is all about ways to deal with what happens to children everyday.  How to deal with change, how to deal with being different from your friends, how to deal with new things that may seem scary.  I can’t wait to read it to my older son later.  I really hope that he will “get” some of what the book is saying!

The Edge of Winter

I found this book at the Library and instantly fell into it.  It’s hard to put down.  A single mother raising a teenage daughter and her struggles.  The girl is right inbetween still loving the things from her childhood, but having to leave those things behind for boys and parties and shoes and clothes if she wants to fit in at school.  They meet an unlikely couple of “boys” who change thier attitudes around.  It’s a story about building a family without the actual bloodline relations.  I loved it and will look for more of her writing in the future.

quite magic sam cook

I put the review right into my main page on my blog!  This is in essay form, it’s not a novel, but it’s fantastic!


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