That Darn Economy!

As she splashed her tear streaked face with cold water from the bathroom tap Sheila thought back to the last time she saw her Grandmother.

It had been at Thanksgiving a year ago.  She couldn’t believe it had been that long.  It was a good holiday.  Everyone had been there.  Maybe that was a sign she thought.

Her brother Kyle had brought his new girlfriend and she was an instant hit with the family.  Sheila remembered the twinkle in her Grandmothers eye.  As she thought about that day she wondered now if it was a tear that had caught her eye.


That Darn Economy!

Sheila rolled over and tried in vain to pry her tired eyes open to view the glowing red lights at her side.  She squinted against her exhaustion and saw the clock read 3:00 am. 

What!  She bolted from the bed and grabbed the phone from its cradle.  She knew it had to be an emergency if someone was calling at this hour. 

Her mother wept on the other end of the line.

“What is it mom?”  She asked timidly

She had flashbacks of her cousin’s death ten years earlier.  It was the first experience she had with death that was so close to her.  The call came in and she stood frozen as her mother replayed the details of the swimming accident. 

She stood in the same place now and listened intently while her mother told her that her Grandmother had passed.  She knew her mother was explaining what had happened, but she quit listening as soon as the harsh truth hit her. 

“No more Grandma?”  She whispered to herself.  “Oh my gosh!”

She shook her head to wake from the trance she had just fallen into.  Her mother was now giving details of what would happen next.

“Do you have this whole thing planned out already?”  Sheila asked her mother with an unkind edge to her voice.

“Your grandmother has not been feeling well for quite some time.  She wanted everything set before she went.”  Her mother said devoid of emotion.  She knew her mother must be exhausted and overwhelmed with all she was going through. 

“I am sorry mom, really really sorry!  I will have to tie up some things at work tomorrow and I will be in the car after lunch.  I will be home tomorrow night to help you with what ever you need.  What should I bring you from here?”  Sheila tried to be more upbeat for her mother’s sake.

To work I go..Ho Ho

As I was driving this morning a thought accurred to me – Through the woods and over the hill I go…Well its not a hill so much as a rise in the road, but when you live in the flattest place in Minnesota that’s what you get!

Clearing the clutter

Ok I have deleted my Housewives fantasy completely!  I felt so guilty sitting on my couch last night watching the ridiculous display playing out on my television.  Even for me, the self-proclaimed reality TV junkie, the nonsense on last nights episode of the Jersey Housewives was too much!  So I deleted it and some other recordables. 

I really would like to be off TV for good, but unfortunately when I have had a really long day and the kids are in bed I like to check out for a while and staring at that box helps me do it!  I know I should boot up and start writing or pull out my latest greatest read and work my brain a little more, but I just don’t have the energy, so until another light bulb goes on I will have to deal with it. 

I am making progress.  I turned from it this morning to my computer, so maybe it’s a sign.

My yard is done for the summer…

Of course there is always a lot of work when it comes to keeping up a yard.  But when your yard is measured in acres, not lots or square feet, there is a little more to it. 

Mitch is always trying to come up with new ways to “use up the space” in our yard.  Mostly so he can eliminate some of the mowing!  It’s fine with me, because he has created beautiful masterpieces.  He has worked so hard and now it’s really showing. 

We sat in the gazebo and ate dinner the other night.  It brings such refuge from the blistering sun and giant mosquitos we grow in northern Minnesota.  Of course my favorite thing on the gazebo is the sun deck!  I am a sun junkie.  I know I know it’s bad for my skin, but it makes me feel so good to soak up some of that natural energy!