May wonders never cease!

Can you imagine, if this is what God can carve out of rock what he can do in us if we let him? 

In our study we learn to say, “I am dead to that sin”.  I wasn’t taking it literal and I was spinning my wheels.  I learned today that others were taking this literal and actually saying the words when a sin reared it’s ugly face.  They are changing and I was sitting in the same spot wondering why I wasn’t.  I guess I know now.

Our relationship with God is a tough row to hoe, but a well worth while journey.  If it’s difficult and not what you imagined he is probably working wonders in your life.  It’s it’s all smooth sailing and you think, “this is easy!” then you are probably not getting it. 

I had a mini breakthrough/slap-in-the-face today.  I am so glad I did.


Parenting is hard!

Who tells you how to handle it when your seven year old boy developes an attitude mirroring that of a thirteen year old girl going through puberty?  No one!

What is school doing to my nice boy?


With the amount of homework Ben brings home in the first grade we are left wondering what in the world will he learn in 2nd grade? 

It seems they need to know all of the things I remember learning throughout grade school in the 1st grade! 

I am not sure if I just have a lot more time on my hands to worry about this now or what, but I am really concerned about the pace that the class has to go.  They shove so much stuff down these childrens throats and if they seem not to get it there is not a lot we can do to help.  We work everynight with Ben on reading and math and still his teacher thinks he could do better. 

Wow.  I am not sure how much we should push him…He is in first grade after all.  He can read.  He knows how to add and subtract.  But…when he is rushed or told to hurry up he skips over things and then gets them wrong.  How do you prepare them for hurring up?  I am at a loss. 

I don’t want to freak out and start testing him and all this crazy stuff, but I don’t want him to fall behind either.  I will just have to pray and let God take care of my baby.  Or I guess he is my big boy now!

Busy, Busy, Busy


This week has certainly tested my parental ability!  A few weeks ago Devi talked about how important it is to stay home in the evening and eat dinner with your family.  She said kids don’t really want to be toted around to every activity available and they usually would much rather stay home and play a game!  Well I can sympathize with that this week. 

Tuesday we had cub scouts, Wed we had Royal Rangers/Missionettes and last night he had a birthday party.  Whew!  I don’t know if I can survive this if he decides to take on a sport as well! 

Mitch and I have spent the last three nights in passing and I don’t like it!  But luckily it’s not like this every week.  Cub Scouts is only every other week.  Although Ben brought home a paper last night for Basketball.  Lukily that is not during the week.  It will be primarily Saturdays and only a handful of them. 

I feel torn, because on one hand I have been waiting for this time to see him in all of these activities and on the other hand I am 8 months pregnant and very tired!  Yikes! 

I am sure it will work itself out just fine.  Tonight we are staying home and cuddling on the couch!  Then it’s off to deer camp to see how everyone is doing there!  I am sad I won’t get to hunt this year, but on the positive side I won’t be so tired and I can run around and visit everyone! 

Have a blessed day!

Back to School!

Benjamin started school this week.  I tell you what I was a wreck!  A brand new classroom, brand new teacher and a lot of new kids he didn’t know.  But he did fantastic! 

The second day he decided he wanted to start riding the bus from our house instead of daycare.  Of course I had my worries over this, but he insisted he wanted to do it.  So I called the bus driver and had it all set up.  Unfortunately the bus comes to our house at 650am.  That’s early!  But driving over to daycare to drop him off for a 710am bus woke us about the same time.  So I prayed to calm my worries and nerves and we made it!  He did so great!  I could tell that he was nervous and had his own doubts when the bus came rolling down the gravel, but he took a deep breath and got on that bus! 

I cheered in my car and then I cried a little.  My baby boy has made it to first grade and is now independant enough to ride the bus for an hour and 20 minutes and walk down a long hall to his room.  WHAT?  Two weeks ago I would have said he wouldn’t have done any of it by himself. 

I am so proud to be a mom!


I erupted in a huge argument yesterday at work over rules.  One of the guys I work with says he gives up on all this crap.  People should be able to do what ever they want.

The thing that really set me off was when he said that it’s not that big of a deal that Miss California posed for less than tasteful photos when she was younger.  He said who cares!  It was on her own time, before she was famous.  And furthermore he said we as a society just need to get used to the fact that #1 sports figures are going to use drugs and #2 beautiful women are going to pose for pictures.  WHAT!

Are you kidding me!  We have to embrace that and except it as the “norm” now?  I don’t think so! 

Then he went on to say look at this teenage boy who went to prom with his girlfriend and got into trouble.  He shouldn’t be in trouble either.  This is where I got ugly.  I think I even slammed my hand on the table.

My comment with blazing eyes and heart pounding out of my chest came as a shout.  What happened to following the rules?  Why can’t anyone just follow the rules anymore?  It’s in the rules that sports figures do not do drugs.  It’s in the rules that Miss America not take her clothes off for a camera.  It was in the rules of that teenagers school not to dance, hold hands or listen to rock and roll music.  He likely broke three rules not just one.  And his step father says we will be taking this to court!  That is ridiculous!  What are we teaching our kids?  If we don’t like the rules just break them and then we will take it to court and show how wrong they were and right we were.  If the people do not agree with the rules of the school then why are they letting their kids go there in the first place? 

Give me a break people!  We need to start evaluating our morals and inner workings.  Things are getting out of hand in a rapid pace and I don’t like where it is going.