Learning the craft

Ha!  I am reading a book on writing and selling children’s stories.  It says you should find a place to write with minimal distractions.  I guess the bathroom would be the only place in my house with minimal distractions.  And I am not writing in the bathroom.  Earlier I was writing in the den/toy room.  Zander was crying because he wanted to be held, Meri was being held but crying because she was tired and Ben was playing a loud video game right beside me.  I guess that’s minimal – Mitch didn’t have the TV blarring and our dog Scrappy wasn’t barking.  I got what I needed to get done…done.


Working mommy guilt strikes again.

Once again I am on the floor writing with Meri in my lap and Zander standing in front of me talking a mile a minute.  Today is potty train Elmo day at our house.  So that is what we are doing
I am having a dilema.  I am feeling a little selfish and a little guilty.  I don’t want to spin it my way, so I can justify my actions and feelings, so I will just put it out there and let you decide.
We have a women’s group that meets Saturday for a study and then they go for coffee at a local cafe.  I’ve done both and it is very much fun!  I have brought my kids and I have gone by myself.  I told the girls earlier in the week that I would probably come since my husband was home.
I woke this morning feeling like I didn’t want to go anywhere.  Coupled with having  had a long week at work and my kids being up and happy to see me.  My two year old says to me, “Mommy you stay here?”  Talk about heart breaking.
So ok now I am spinning it a bit.  But the point of all this rambling is that I feel guilty, because I said I would probably come to spend time with the girls yet I have more overwhelming guilt over leaving my kids and husband and housework to go have coffee.  Especially since I will see them tomorrow at church.  Most everyone else in the group has bigger children who have their own Saturday activities.  I have two babies at home.  I prayed for seven years to have another baby after Ben was born and God blessed me with two!  How can I give in to the guilt of not having “girl time”?  I can’t.  Plain and simple these babies are too important.

20 April, 2012 21:12

Proverbs 17:27

He who restrains his words has knowledge, and he who has a cool spirit is a man of understanding.

Whoa! Is that ever an eye-opening statement by our Father in Heaven. When I found this passage I had had the worst day at work and of course I had broken all the rules set up in this statement. For some reason when I get upset my blood boils and I have a hard time keeping my mouth under control. That is definitely an area I need to focus my prayers and repentance on.

Be the lily!

Matthew 6:27 Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life.

This is Jesus asking us a direct and very eye opening question.  Who can add a single hour to their life by worrying?  No one of course.  You can’t add a single hour to your life doing anything.  When God’s plan is ready to take us it will.  His will be done!

So why then do we worry?  Jesus talks about the birds and the flowers not having a care in the world about what clothes them or where they will eat next.  He says in verse 28, “See how the lilies of the field grow.  They do not labor or spin.”  Spin?  Could he be talking about how we run around like chickens with our heads cut off, trying to please everyone and get everything done perfectly?  I believe so.

16 April, 2012 21:15

I read the book, “The Hunger Games”. Not because I was dying to read the latest craze, but because my co-worker set it on my desk and said I had to read it.

I have to say that woman can write! That is what kept me going through the whole thing. Her word usage and imagery was fantastic!

I am not usually inclined to read or watch futuristic/fantasy stuff, but this was good.

I don’t have a desire to see the movie, but I do have a desire to read the next book.

Mommy the jungle gym and mommy the chew toy!

Let me preface this blog post with I am on the floor writing –
I am glad to be both a jungle gym and a chew toy of course.  To be able to be at home during the day with my kids is a rare treat during this busy time at work.
So I am playing dollies with Meri on the floor and she decides she needs to be right on top of me (normal when I get on the floor with them).  She tosses me the first doll, then the second and climbs right in the middle.  Even now as I write she is turning her head from side to side to get my full attention.  And when that doesn’t work squealing seems to be the next plan of attack.  Zander now joins in and jumps on top of me as well.  It’s so great!

Poetry Challenge

Choose six words and write a poem.  Post your responses here and see how many we can get.

Praise  Worship  Follow  Fellowship  Resistance  Submission

Your love releases

The bonds of sin

If only the bonds

Of submission would end

Come follow me

Your word instructs

The resistance

In my flesh constricts

Fellowship leadership ownership

All lead to glorious worship!

You are my God, my Father

My creator, my everthing

Dear Heavenly Father

To you I sing!

I am free when I write.

Lately I have been feeling bogged down at work and in life.

We have had some sickness bugs running through the kids, the weather keeps bobbing and weaving never settling, work is crazy busy and I feel like I can’t keep up with anything at home.

But when I even think about writing and researching it lifts my spirits right out of the mud that murks my happiness.  I started researching Palm Sunday and the Easter celebration this morning and I was filled with utter delight at the prospect of sitting down at the computer with my bible, pen and paper and hammering out my own little Holy Week tribute.

Then I start to think about my girls.  I have these girls in my head who have two very different life stories and who I have outlined a scenario for.  I wonder if their stories will ever be finished for someone to read.  I am sure of it, but the fun is just beginning for them again.  Stay tunned to see how they play out!