That Darn Economy!

Maybe her Grandmother knew it would be their last Thanksgiving together.

Suddenly Sheila shook herself out of her trance.  She grabbed for the little pink towel that hung from the pure white pole in her perfectly orderly bathroom.  She gazed around the white tiled room that had nothing out of place.  Her toothbrush stood at attention in the cup made for it.  Her toothpaste lay with the cap in tact in the medicine cabinet out of sight.  Not even a water spot was found on the sink or mirror.  Everything in her life exuded order.



I really can’t even believe my blessings.  For the longest time I thought I wouldn’t have children then we were blessed with Ben.  Seven years later God answered my prayers and coincidentally the prayers of women in my church group, The Ladies of the Round Table.  Along came mister Zander.  Well now I am expecting again and Zander is only 8 months old.  It’s hard for me to make it real yet, but I know it is.  We are going to have 3 children in our family and I have to admit the task seems a little daunting at times.  But I know that God is by my side and I am surrounded by friends and family that love me and Mitch and my kids, so we will be fine. 

Thank you Heavenly Father for the gifts you bless my life with each and every day on this earth.  Another day on earth is a blessing in itself, but you have overflown my cup and I praise you for this!

My Baby!

Little Zander is just about to crawl.  He scoots himself up on oneside and pushes one leg in the funniest way to move himself about an inch.  He can reach whatever he may be going for at that moment, but it takes him a little bit.  What a big boy.