Lizzie and Harry

I have changed this story dramatically – including the names of my characters!  With the advice of my CW friends I am hoping to make this a best seller – HA!  Stay tuned for more submissions and the changes.
Michelle and Randy
This is a romanic story of two people who have not had any luck with love previously.  Michelle has spent her entire life on an island on Lake of the Woods.  Randy has lived in the Twin Cities for most of his life.  He was married previously, but had no luck trying to keep it all together.  The demands of his contracting business and his need to be away from the city when he was not working was to much for his socilite wife. 
Now Michelle is feeling the affects of living on an island with her brother and his family.  She does have contact with the outside world, sort of.  She owns an online business and she helps out on the big island’s resort when the tourist season hits. 
On a visit to the island Randy and Michelle have a rocky start, but soon realize what they both have been missing. 
With some obvious obsicles to overcome will their love survive?  Will Michelle have  to leave the secluded life that she loves or will Randy give up his successful buisness as a contractor in the big city?

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