Adventure seekers welcome

Ok so now when I say adventure your mind probably travels somewhere tropical with lots of jungle or lots of water and swarming sharks.  Or maybe it travels to the top of a snow-covered mountain and your holding a snowboard or climbing gear almost nearing the top.  Or maybe even still your inside of a speeding race car rounding the next corner.

Well I am not an ordinary adventure seeker.  We just got another rabbit.  And I ordered chickens.  And I looked at another cat today.  And decided to get a female companion for the male rabbit.  Busy day?  That is an understatement.  Not enough adventure for you?  Well it’s plenty for me.  We have 3 children and with all of those animals I expect the hi-jinx  to increase 10 fold.

buddy Our new Mini Lop – Buddy.  Who is not mini in any sense of the word!

chickensOur new fancy chickens – something Belgian – De Fleur

We lost Stella who was our first rabbit.  She was pure white with pink/red eyes.  She was great.  But in a thunderstorm her latch on her cage broke and she bolted.  6 days later the neighbor called and said he saw her in their yard.  Mitch bought a live trap and they almost caught her, but her wild instincts kicked in and we haven’t seen her since.  I am sure she’s now getting ready to have babies even though my husband doesn’t think she would cross breed with a wild hare.

Ha!  Anyway…bunnies kissing

So now we will become rabbit and chicken farmers.  Maybe by next summer we can get a goat!  Ooohhh, can you say BIG adventure.  Hahaha!  Have a great day!



Rainy day blog


So last night was so fun!  Ben my oldest son had a 4-H meeting.  The car was unavailable so we had to drive Mitch’s truck to it.  Generally speaking I don’t like driving the truck.  It’s huge, it’s dirty, and it’s full of tools and crap that he just keeps sticking in there for lack of a better storage place.  But it has it’s advantages too.  It has air conditioning, it has a CD player and when you rev the engine it sounds pretty cool!  So we are on our way and I push the play button on the CD player.  Def Leopard Greatest Hits starts to play and before I know it we are rocking down the road and having a blast!  All three kids are rockin’ out and loving the music.  On the way home when I hit the dirt road I revved up the engine with the music blaring and I felt like I was back in high school.  It was pretty fun!


Dirt Road Anthem anyone?

Keep it moving!

mom excersizing

I was so afraid of becoming more of a couch potato when I started staying home.  I love to sit on the couch and watch TV.  But when I was working I needed that time to unwind and decompress.  Now I have all the time in the day to do that.  So I keep it moving now.  I stand more than I sit.  I try to keep moving throughout the day and I also throw in a little dancing now and then.  My kids like the cartoons that have lots of music, so when the music starts we dance!  I try to only sit on the couch when it’s nap time.  Then we have a little cuddle time too!

cute workout fairy

I am not saying I exercise 12 hours a day.  I really don’t like to exercise in the typical sense.  I think it is so boring!  I like to put on my favorite show or the kids favorite show and clean my house or jump on the elliptical for a while.



I find the best way to burn calories and keep moving is to take the kids outside.  Or do they take me outside?  I have trouble keeping them in sometimes.  They love to run and scream their fool heads off outside and I let them, because we live in the middle of nowhere and it’s fun!  Sometimes I chase them around the yard or we just go for a walk.


The best workout in my opinion is raking leaves.  I am usually ready for a nap when I am done with that job!  It burns calories and makes the yard look pretty.

kids and excersizing

I don’t do a total Yoga workout, but I love to stretch out my back and do some of the poses.  My kids are usually under me or hanging off of me at some point during the routine.  This picture made me smile.



Really?  This is so true!  Give yourself a break.  We can’t be everything to everyone every second of the day.  You are who you are and that is that.  Be happy and content that you have given everything you can give.  And if you mess up, do better tomorrow.  Isn’t this what we tell our kids all the time, but when we make a mistake we can’t seem to forgive ourselves or just let it go.  Follow your own parental advice and learn from your mistakes, but do not keep beating yourself up for them!


Anyone else dealing with pre- teen issues

I don’t know about you, but I am longing for the days when my son was five and thought I hung the moon!  Today he is ten and I must be the dumbest person he has ever met.

I hear my mom’s words coming back to haunt me.  I hear my self thinking and saying the exact same things she used to say to me.

“What were you thinking?”

“Don’t sass me!”

“Don’t give me that look.”

Oh boy, I have turned into my mother and my son has transformed into a sassy pre-teen who knows everything and has the world by the tail at age ten.

So what is it with us humans and not wanting to follow our parents advice?  Why is it we always think we know better than those that walked before us?  Back to Adam and Eve to find the answer to that question.  Free will and curiosity.

Now I just have to follow Gods example of patience and humility.  Boy do I have a long way to go.  Study and lots of prayer are the best ways to survive these years.  Giving our kids to God is not an easy thing to do, but it is necessary.

Letting go of control is not my strong suit.  I never thought that I was a control freak before  really getting to know the Lord.  He showed me quickly how much I needed to let go of.  I am still working on this part of my journey.  Obviously!

Anyway, my hope for you today is peace with your children no matter what age they are.

Chronicles of planning a vacation part 1: Kids or no kids

We have to start by picking the destination. Which in my opinion is a problem all be it a good problem. I am so thankful we can go on vacation at all. With endless vacation destinations right at your finger tips now, it’s so hard to decide where to go. Our first and main priority was what to do with the kids. Do we take them with us? Do we leave them with a sitter? Then came the question from my husband. Can we take just Ben with us? Maybe we should go to Disney in Florida. I would be ok with that if we went as a family. Then I could take the little kids and he could take Ben. I don’t ride rides and that is what they want to go and do. But traveling with the little kids is a lot of work right now. Plus Zander is just barely potty trained and Meri is in diapers. Not my idea of a fun vacation memory. Cramped in a bathroom stall with one on the toilet and trying to change the other’s diaper standing up. Been there done that at the grocery store – not gonna happen on vaction. Sorry!

My respsonse to all of this was I would like to go somewhere alone(with my husband, not myself:)! That means no little people. And where better to get away from kids than Vegas right? We had debated visiting the East Coast again, but when the Vegas bug bit, it bit hard. We both like to go where it is warm and not just warm like a Minnesota summer warm, we like it sweltering! Couple that with the endless entertainment options and wonderful food selection and the chance to have unlimited people watching was just to much to compete with. Vegas it is!


A Health”ier” Version of Chicken Nuggets.

We love chicken nuggets at our house.  And that includes me!  I have been checking recipe sites to see if there are healthier, homemade versions of chicken nuggets, so we can try to cut out some of the preservatives.  I found one and it’s delicious.  I hope you enjoy it too.



4 chicken breasts, boneless and skinless

2/3 cup milk

3 cups cheddar cheese, shredded(I found this to be too much cheese – you could cut it in half)

2 cups seasoned breadcrumbs(I used italian croutons and crushed them up)

2 tbsp butter, melted

1 (18 oz) Can of 3 cheese sauce (I bought 3 cheese alfredo sauce, but completely forgot to add this at the end)  They were still really good without it!

1 tablespoon fresh parsley, chopped(I didn’t have this)


Preheat over 400 degrees.  Cut each breast of chicken into 3 pieces.  Dip into the milk, then the cheddar cheese, then the breadcrumbs.  Place on a baking sheet.  Cover with foil.

Bake the chicken in preheated over for 25 minutes, then remove foil, baste with butter and cook 10-12 more minutes uncovered.  Coating will crisp and chicken will finish cooking.

While chicken is cooking, place the cheese sauce in a pan and heat it up.

Remove chicken from the oven and place on the platter.  Spoon sauce over the chicken.  Top with parsley.  As I said above I forgot about the cheese sauce altogether and they were still really good!

To complete the meal I made a bowl of broccoli slaw and some green beans.  Very filling and very tasty!



Taco Bites for dinner!

DSC02257 DSC02258

I found this on Biggest Loser’s website.  It is a healthy snack for a fun lunch/dinner option.

1 bag of Scoops chips

Romaine lettace

Chopped tomatoes

Fat Free sour cream – they used Greek Yogurt

Ground beef – cooked with taco seasoning – they used ground turkey

Shredded cheese – they used fat free

Layer all the ingredients and add other taco fixings if you like.  Serve on a platter as apetizers or for a light dinner or lunch.  My kids thought this was pretty cool.  We love tacos!

I did it and it was so good!

I tried the 4 ingredient Artisian Bread “no kneed” recipe that I posted earlier.  It took  a long time to prepare the dough, because it needs to rise a long time and then when you cut it into a loaf it need to rise again.  But now I have a bowl full of dough in my fridge gettting better and better each day.  It was so good and the kids loved it.  Try it!  4 ingredients!

DSC02248 DSC02250 DSC02251 DSC02256

The Plan and then how it really turned out!


Here is the plan.  It’s a very well thought out plan and fairly easy to execute, unless your day starts unraveling with a sick baby, sub zero cold weather and a tired cranky pre-teen.  Oh and did I mention this all happened on the morning we were getting ready for church!  Of course it did.  Did I fail my first attempt at following this plan, yes, yes I did!  However, the second day went much better.  I am the type of person that gets way to worked up when I have a plan and then it falls apart.  I don’t want to be, but that is how I am hard-wired and I don’t like it.  I am working on that!  It’s very difficult and time consuming to change 30+ years of thinking the way I thought before.  Baby steps will eventually turn into giant leaps…I hope!  You can click on the picture of the plan and save it to your computer for your own use if you would like.