I love this.  Sometimes you just have make the ones you love listen, no matter what!


I have a roast in the crockpot, several dozen cookies baked and fresh buns raising. It has been a very rewarding day! Ben and I may even pull out the tree today.

The tree is such a significant symbol of the holiday season. Of course the fact that the snow decided to show up suddenly also adds to my anticipation and excitment.

I am adding a new cookie recipe to my Recipes I reccommend section.

16 November, 2011 17:30

There is nothing better than the first real snowfall. I saw it in the eyes of my eight year old son last night. I picked him up from 4-H and when we reached the doors to go outside I could tell right away he hadn’t known how much it had snowed. His eyes lit up and he asked, “Mom where are my snow pants?”

It was dark when we got home and he still dug all of the winter stuff out and played outside until supper was ready! Soup of course.