I am sitting on the deck thinking I should really be preparing for supper.  I can’t seem to pull myself from this sunshine!



The image of peace!  Except for the creepy eyes on that doll:)  What a blessing!

I am back to writing once again.  I am working on my cabin in the woods piece.  It has been on hold for a long time.  Like since Zander was a baby.  Yikes!  Anyway.  I had a wave of inspiration and I think it will come crashing into the harbor soon.  Keep your eyes open for some scenes I would like to post and have comments on.

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I just saw my first Folgers commercial and of course I teared up.  We don’t have regular TV, we just watch Netflix and Hulu, so we don’t get to see many commercials.  Luckily the nice folks who run the internet found a way to add commercials to every story one might want to read online.  So even without TV I still have to watch commercials!  Anyway, back to Folgers.  I love those commercials.  They are so heartwarming.  They really strike a cord in me.