Peaceful mornings

I thank God for peaceful mornings.  They don’t happen very often, so I treasure them when they do!

My husband let me sleep this morning by sneaking around the house getting ready for work.  What a guy!


Mommy duties!

When I was still pregnant I couldn’t wait to have the baby so I could get my energy back.  All I could do the last week before I had Zander was make lists of things I was going to get done on maternity leave.  Do you want to know what I have accomplished off of that list in 3 and a 1/2 weeks?  Nothing!  I have started several things, but have not completed a darn thing. 

My baby is so darn cute all I can do is stare at him and cuddle him!  Oh well!

Advice for men

When taking your wife’s shopping list and trying to “help” her, make sure you know what all the abbreviations are before you leave!

For example do you know what shred ched che is?  Or, hamb?  A hint – it doesn’t mean ham bone or any other kind of ham either. 

When Mitch and I first lived together he went shopping off of my list and came home with 3 different kinds of ham because the list said hamb.  It means hamburger of course, which he did not come home with:) 

We have come a long way in the last nine years.  We now shop seperate.  I get the groceries we need for meals and he picks up the treats and cereal. 

I am not sure what made me think of that, but it gave me a good chuckle anyway.

Wrinkle creme anyone?

I was taking Ben to school today and on the radio came one of those adds for wrinkle creme.  Ben pipes up in the back seat and says, “Makes wrinkles disapear?  I should get that stuff mom, cause when I get out of the shower I am full of wrinkles.  But I am young already, so I don’t need to look younger!” 

What a kid!  I love the realizations of kids.  And who knew they listened that closely to the radio commercials?

Is one side milk and one side juice?

Since I found out I was pregnant with Zander my six year old has had plenty of questions regarding what is going on.  How does the baby come out, how does he eat, can he hear us, is it dark in there, what does it mean when your water breaks, does it hurt for the baby to come out, etc.  I have answered every question as truthful as I could be with out totally freaking him out.  So when I started breast feeding and more questions ensued I wasn’t surprised.  Except for when he asked is one side milk and one side juice?  I had to laugh, because it never occurred to me to think there was anything in there but milk.  Ever wonder what kids are thinking?  Just ask them, they are not afraid to wonder anything!

Our new addition

Ok I know what your thinking, eight days into the new year and she has missed 4 days with no blogging already.  What?  What kind of new years resolution is that? 

Well let me tell you…

We have a new addition to our family and the greatest excuse not to keep my resolution. 

Zander Karl Erickson made his entrance into this world on Jan 4th at 1243pm.  I went in on Sunday night and they didn’t let me go home.  The next morning the doctor broke my water and then the race was on.  Wow what a day! 

Now I have something new to blog about.  That is between naps and feedings!

1 Corinthians 13:6, 7

Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

I have been thinking about love a lot lately.  Since my patience has been tested the last two weeks I feel like I have let everything else in my life slip.  At first it was innocent and not much, but now I feel like my days are filled with the obession of when this baby will come?  It is driving me crazy and I am not sure what to do.  Every thought is a selfish one.  I am crabby, I am tired, and I am not my self.  I pray and I feel like I am not willing to listen for a response, because it’s not a response I want to hear. 

I pray Lord that you will fill my heart with your love and patience.  I need you heavenly father to intervine in my life right now! 

Thank you Lord!

A new day

I am back on CW and loving it!  I forget how much I love coming up with new poetry!  I am not an expert by any means, but I love to write down my thoughts as they are melodically falling out of my head.  I am also getting to enjoy an on going story that another writer is producing.  She is so good.  I just love when I go on there and there is another installment of her piece.  She definately deserves praise!

It’s been way below zero the last couple of days and we have been sticking close to home.  We took Ben sledding the other day, but it was really cold.  Toinght we are going skating at the indoor arena.  At least it’s not below zero in there.  I think he may be going a little stir crazy, because he is driving me nuts!  He is loud and running through the house screaming!  Yikes!  Anyway that’s the plan.

A Poem

A good exchange
of love and laughter
Saves a room
from sadness and disaster
A family gathers
resentments loom
Save us oh Lord
from satan’s doom
His presence made known
by the story we’re told
The tradition demands
all attention to hold
The guards let down
there’s no more frown
It’s Christmas you know
and it’s beginning to snow