Shut your mouth!


This is a  phrase you would often hear riding in the back of a pickup truck or riding your four wheeler through the forestry, otherwise you might fill up on bugs.  Not always what you hear in the garden and not always from yourself, unless you are me!  I ate a bug because I was talking to myself and not paying attention to the task at hand.

eye roll!

Not where you thought this post was going I bet.  That’s ok, go ahead and chuckle and roll your eyes.  That is what my husband does.

Ecclesiastes flower

The garden is coming along fantastic!  And the flowers have finally decided to emerge from their winter slumber.  The leaves are turning green and everythinbe seems to be in full Spring glory.

Even those two mysterious campers that pull into the empty yard just up the road.  They appear every Spring, but I have never actually seen anyone there.   I know there are people who stay there though, because there are always ATVs and or vehicles in the yard.  This has been going on a few years now and sooner or later I might get to the bottom of it!


Yes, this is one of the fun ways we pass the time in the toolies.  We don’t have many neighbors or traffic around here, so when things change or new people start coming around it becomes sort of a game guessing their business.   That’s life in our small town.


Enjoy your surroundings today!


Being me, it’s ok!

writing picture

I used to watch Sex I’m the City and wonder  what it would be like to walk down 5th ave like Carrie Bradshaw.  I dreamed of being a published writer with book signing engagements and people wanting articles from me.  I thought that was when I would know I had made it big!  Little did I know that God had a different plan for my life.

I have made huge mistakes and given up to easily when someone told me I couldn’t do something.  I believed them and my insecurities alike.  What a fool I have been.  I know God let me make those mistakes, so I could begin learn how to be comfortable in my own skin and living for Him!



I am  alright now.  Everything I have done and learned has led up to this moment in my life.   The trick now is to keep believing and not forget how I got this point.  One big fear I have is being real and not the fake someone that I thought I was.  I don’t always have to be right and I don’t always have to be heard.  I am really working on being still and being quiet.  What a big job!

Dirt in my fingers

weeders finger

I can’t even believe how excited I am to have a garden again this year!  I have been feeling guilty about that garden spot growing into a grassy part of the yard for 10 years.  When we moved in 12 years ago one of the first things I wanted to do was find a garden spot.  I found it and Mitch brought home a tiller so we dug it up.  I planted, it grew, the summer was totally dry and a lot of the stuff was eaten by crickets.  We did get lots of cucumbers and beans.  I was disappointed, but wanted to keep it up.  Then I became pregnant and any outdoor activity seemed way beyond my energy level, so the garden went to the bugs!  Every year it seemed a little more work than I had time for especially with a little one.  Then our tiller quit working and that seemed like the perfect excuse not to continue with worrying about having a garden.  I gave up!  Plain and simple.  I had grand ideas of what I wanted to do, but lacked the drive to work for it.  Ugh!

Well now I am a changed woman and I don’t have babies anymore.  Even though I call the two hoodlums babies, they are actually toddlers and can keep themselves busy in the yard just fine.

I was out tilling tonight and every turn I make in that dirt just makes me smile!  The smell of freshly turned soil is so relaxing.  Even with a big rear-tine tiller jarring my arms back and forth through rough rooted grass land.  I am in heaven and can’t wait to get back out there tomorrow.  Hopefully we can get some mounds and rows completed and get some seeds in the ground.

Look what we did today!  What was a patch of grass will soon become a bountiful harvest(we hope!).  I think I am most excited about the pumpkin patch!  Thank you mom for all the seeds!  The kids are going to have a blast.  The babies already had fun in the dirt today.  They were running through here like they had never seen such a fun playground.  Kids!  Just wait until they have to weed or pick potato bugs:-)


I love freshly mown grass!  It took most of the day, but I think we got it!  I didn’t take pictures of the other two sections, because that would just be bragging:-)  Haha!

DSC02530 DSC02529

To me a view from the toolies is this!  My child didn’t know what a skyscraper was until it was a vocabulary word in his Social Studies class.  When we sit on our deck as far as our eyes can see there are field and trees.  I love it that way.  No concrete jungle or tin city.  Only what God created.



Cherry blossoms and all.  I thought I killed my Hastas but they are coming up!  I was so excited.  Everything in the garden took it’s sweet time coming to the surface and I was starting to get nervous.


Enjoy your day!

purple flower

I am so thankful that I can wake up each day with a clean slate.  Some days I live in my head way to much and the control monster that lives in there gets out of control!  I wish I didn’t have to battle it and I could just let everything roll off my back.  I envy those people who can be calm and not let things get to them.  That is definitely not me.  Someday maybe!  I have way more to say on the subject, but I am being pulled away by bedtime whinnies!  More later…


Keep it moving!

mom excersizing

I was so afraid of becoming more of a couch potato when I started staying home.  I love to sit on the couch and watch TV.  But when I was working I needed that time to unwind and decompress.  Now I have all the time in the day to do that.  So I keep it moving now.  I stand more than I sit.  I try to keep moving throughout the day and I also throw in a little dancing now and then.  My kids like the cartoons that have lots of music, so when the music starts we dance!  I try to only sit on the couch when it’s nap time.  Then we have a little cuddle time too!

cute workout fairy

I am not saying I exercise 12 hours a day.  I really don’t like to exercise in the typical sense.  I think it is so boring!  I like to put on my favorite show or the kids favorite show and clean my house or jump on the elliptical for a while.



I find the best way to burn calories and keep moving is to take the kids outside.  Or do they take me outside?  I have trouble keeping them in sometimes.  They love to run and scream their fool heads off outside and I let them, because we live in the middle of nowhere and it’s fun!  Sometimes I chase them around the yard or we just go for a walk.


The best workout in my opinion is raking leaves.  I am usually ready for a nap when I am done with that job!  It burns calories and makes the yard look pretty.

kids and excersizing

I don’t do a total Yoga workout, but I love to stretch out my back and do some of the poses.  My kids are usually under me or hanging off of me at some point during the routine.  This picture made me smile.



Really?  This is so true!  Give yourself a break.  We can’t be everything to everyone every second of the day.  You are who you are and that is that.  Be happy and content that you have given everything you can give.  And if you mess up, do better tomorrow.  Isn’t this what we tell our kids all the time, but when we make a mistake we can’t seem to forgive ourselves or just let it go.  Follow your own parental advice and learn from your mistakes, but do not keep beating yourself up for them!


Fun mommy tip for toddlers

If you are trying to get ready to go somewhere and finding it impossible with one or more toddles in toe I have a temporary fix for you.  Give them their clothes and let them dress themselves.  This will give you the few extra minutes of peace you need to get yourself ready to go.  It gives them a sense off accomplishment and also teaches them too be more independent.   Win, win!

Anyone else dealing with pre- teen issues

I don’t know about you, but I am longing for the days when my son was five and thought I hung the moon!  Today he is ten and I must be the dumbest person he has ever met.

I hear my mom’s words coming back to haunt me.  I hear my self thinking and saying the exact same things she used to say to me.

“What were you thinking?”

“Don’t sass me!”

“Don’t give me that look.”

Oh boy, I have turned into my mother and my son has transformed into a sassy pre-teen who knows everything and has the world by the tail at age ten.

So what is it with us humans and not wanting to follow our parents advice?  Why is it we always think we know better than those that walked before us?  Back to Adam and Eve to find the answer to that question.  Free will and curiosity.

Now I just have to follow Gods example of patience and humility.  Boy do I have a long way to go.  Study and lots of prayer are the best ways to survive these years.  Giving our kids to God is not an easy thing to do, but it is necessary.

Letting go of control is not my strong suit.  I never thought that I was a control freak before  really getting to know the Lord.  He showed me quickly how much I needed to let go of.  I am still working on this part of my journey.  Obviously!

Anyway, my hope for you today is peace with your children no matter what age they are.

The new potty training trend

I always knew I was behind the times by a year or two, but now I think I am just completely out of it.  My three year old has just been potty trained for a couple of months.  I thought we were ahead of the game since our oldest was four and ready for preschool.  Apparently I am way behind, because there is a new trend of potty training from birth.  This means no diapers anytime people.

Women are holding their infants over a toilet or other receptacle in anticipation of them going to the bathroom.  Yes you heard me correctly.  And it has a name, “Elimanation Communicatom” or “EC”.  The caregiver watches the child’s face expressions and notices which are associated with potty time.  Ahh yeah, I am trying to do that with my two year old and it’s not going well.  I hope this works for those of you willing to try it.

Other women with more main stream methods were mentioning their one and two year olbe being trained.  Hmmm…  I think I better get a move on with miss Meri.  We are way behind the eight ball!

Do you go for the sissy bug spray or the tough as nails stuff?

I always go for the good stuff.  And by good I, of course, mean strong.  Deep Woods Off brand has always been my go to bug ridding fix.  I know that critics say the stuff is bad for kids, but i don’t think the critics have witnessed the mammoth sized Mosquitos and thousands of ticks we are trying to ward off in a tick season.  I am careful in applying and I don’t go overboard, but I do think its necessary.