My Prayer Corner

I will leave prayer requests here.  Fell free to leave yours as well.

There are a lot of things being reported in the news today.  Please pray that God is watching over each situation.  We are glued to the TV to see what happens next when we should be in our Bible to see what will happen next!

Please pray for our Sunday School.  We are in need of wisdom, servitude and guidance.

My prayer today is selfish.  I pray that God will strengthen my confidence in my writing.  I have been thinking for awhile about our Children’s Church class at school.  I thought, “Why couldn’t I write the sermons or mini sermons and devotional for that class?” Why – there is no reason why other than I don’t have the confidence in my ability as a Sunday School teacher.  So I guess my prayer is two fold.  I pray for confidence, but I also pray for God’s intervention in my teaching.

I found a website with free ideas and lessons for Children’s Church.  I think this will help me out immensely but I would still like some support prayers!

My friend is going through a big change and scary time in her life.  I pray that she will find what she is looking for.  I pray that God will wrap his arms around her and love her through what ever she is going through.


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