She’s ranting about something or another again!


I read this morning that pride is the devils way.  With this in mind right now I will not toot my own horn.  God is really watching over me today.  I was about to brag about what just happened and as I started to type the lesson I read popped into my head.  Thank you Jesus!

Anyway, I will write about some things that are on my heart today.  I have my homepage open up to Yahoo, because that’s where my email is from.  I am saddened every time I open it and see all of the negative headlines.  What is happening in our world today is very real, I get it, but do we have to know about every single bad thing that is going on in every single household, city, rural area and beyond?  I don’t think so.

We have been without the luxury of “real” TV at our house for quite some time now.  And by “real” TV I mean no satellite, no cable, no antenna, just what we can see from the internet and most of that are kids shows.  I bring this up, because if you have read my blog before you know I was addicted to reality TV.  Not just a little, like full-blown want to know what is going on in all of those people’s lives and lived to know it.  I think I may have been suffering from a little bit of crazy, but whatever.  Now I can read about it or watch it online if I so choose and I so choose not to!  It’s irritating how much we can find out about someone from the computer and who knows if it’s even true.  Is the computer more reliable than The National Inquirer.  It seems to me they are cut from the same cloth, except now they have more ways to make people look crazy, fat, like they are having an affair, or whatever they want, really.  Ok, ok off my soapbox I go.  I know I probably went a little deep, but does that hurt once in a while?

I am so glad our family has chosen to live a little bit of a simpler life.  I am not saying we are moving back to the 1900’s or anything, but some people in the “Hollywood” circle might think so.  Live unplugged for a day here and there.  It’s liberating!



I just saw my first Folgers commercial and of course I teared up.  We don’t have regular TV, we just watch Netflix and Hulu, so we don’t get to see many commercials.  Luckily the nice folks who run the internet found a way to add commercials to every story one might want to read online.  So even without TV I still have to watch commercials!  Anyway, back to Folgers.  I love those commercials.  They are so heartwarming.  They really strike a cord in me.


I erupted in a huge argument yesterday at work over rules.  One of the guys I work with says he gives up on all this crap.  People should be able to do what ever they want.

The thing that really set me off was when he said that it’s not that big of a deal that Miss California posed for less than tasteful photos when she was younger.  He said who cares!  It was on her own time, before she was famous.  And furthermore he said we as a society just need to get used to the fact that #1 sports figures are going to use drugs and #2 beautiful women are going to pose for pictures.  WHAT!

Are you kidding me!  We have to embrace that and except it as the “norm” now?  I don’t think so! 

Then he went on to say look at this teenage boy who went to prom with his girlfriend and got into trouble.  He shouldn’t be in trouble either.  This is where I got ugly.  I think I even slammed my hand on the table.

My comment with blazing eyes and heart pounding out of my chest came as a shout.  What happened to following the rules?  Why can’t anyone just follow the rules anymore?  It’s in the rules that sports figures do not do drugs.  It’s in the rules that Miss America not take her clothes off for a camera.  It was in the rules of that teenagers school not to dance, hold hands or listen to rock and roll music.  He likely broke three rules not just one.  And his step father says we will be taking this to court!  That is ridiculous!  What are we teaching our kids?  If we don’t like the rules just break them and then we will take it to court and show how wrong they were and right we were.  If the people do not agree with the rules of the school then why are they letting their kids go there in the first place? 

Give me a break people!  We need to start evaluating our morals and inner workings.  Things are getting out of hand in a rapid pace and I don’t like where it is going.