She’s ranting about something or another again!


I read this morning that pride is the devils way.  With this in mind right now I will not toot my own horn.  God is really watching over me today.  I was about to brag about what just happened and as I started to type the lesson I read popped into my head.  Thank you Jesus!

Anyway, I will write about some things that are on my heart today.  I have my homepage open up to Yahoo, because that’s where my email is from.  I am saddened every time I open it and see all of the negative headlines.  What is happening in our world today is very real, I get it, but do we have to know about every single bad thing that is going on in every single household, city, rural area and beyond?  I don’t think so.

We have been without the luxury of “real” TV at our house for quite some time now.  And by “real” TV I mean no satellite, no cable, no antenna, just what we can see from the internet and most of that are kids shows.  I bring this up, because if you have read my blog before you know I was addicted to reality TV.  Not just a little, like full-blown want to know what is going on in all of those people’s lives and lived to know it.  I think I may have been suffering from a little bit of crazy, but whatever.  Now I can read about it or watch it online if I so choose and I so choose not to!  It’s irritating how much we can find out about someone from the computer and who knows if it’s even true.  Is the computer more reliable than The National Inquirer.  It seems to me they are cut from the same cloth, except now they have more ways to make people look crazy, fat, like they are having an affair, or whatever they want, really.  Ok, ok off my soapbox I go.  I know I probably went a little deep, but does that hurt once in a while?

I am so glad our family has chosen to live a little bit of a simpler life.  I am not saying we are moving back to the 1900’s or anything, but some people in the “Hollywood” circle might think so.  Live unplugged for a day here and there.  It’s liberating!


130 squats are really difficult!  I was resisting so much I put it off until afternoon.  Now every time I try to sit down I groan like an old sagging deck under the pressure of a Sunday barbecue.  Luckily I have the rest of the afternoon to relax.

A pilot?

My current mode of transportation sounds more like a prop plane taking off on our driveway than my sporty little green Honda. Do you think I can send a bill to the county for a new muffler? I wish they would plow before the road has to be driven on. I guess that’s the price we pay for living in the toolies!

Finally…A Hit!

I have attempted to make meals that are not boring and not the same every week.  I have been told by Ben and Mitch to stick to the old favs – cause they aren’ t much for experimenting – they like what they like.  But I get bored very easily and I don’t want to eat the same thing every week. 

I finally tried something different that was a real home-run! 

I had some hamburger buns left over in the fridge, so I took them out, cut them in half, slathered butter on the top and popped them int he over to broil for two minutes.  I fried some hamburger with chili seasoning.  Added the hamburger to the bun topped with shredded cheese and broiled for another 2 minutes.  Both of them loved it and expressed thanks more than once.  This morning Mitch said I should really make that again. 

So I guess I won’t stop cooking for the two picky-butts:-)

Clearing the clutter

Ok I have deleted my Housewives fantasy completely!  I felt so guilty sitting on my couch last night watching the ridiculous display playing out on my television.  Even for me, the self-proclaimed reality TV junkie, the nonsense on last nights episode of the Jersey Housewives was too much!  So I deleted it and some other recordables. 

I really would like to be off TV for good, but unfortunately when I have had a really long day and the kids are in bed I like to check out for a while and staring at that box helps me do it!  I know I should boot up and start writing or pull out my latest greatest read and work my brain a little more, but I just don’t have the energy, so until another light bulb goes on I will have to deal with it. 

I am making progress.  I turned from it this morning to my computer, so maybe it’s a sign.

A dream fulfilled

I got to accompany my son and his class to the Shrine Circus!  I was so excited to finally get to go on a field trip with Benjamin!  I have been waiting for this since he was born. 

When they sent home the sign up I immediately sent it back.  Then a letter came home stating they would only take 4 parents from each class.  I decided I was going whether or not I rode on the bus, so I had the teacher take my name out of the drawing so another parent would have the chance and I planned to drive myself. 

It was as much fun as I had thought it would be!  The kids were awsome and I think they had a good time too!


We went to Detroit Lakes last weekend to meet Tricia and Christian.  The boys played and played and played and talked and talked and talked.  Oh and we googoo and gaagaaed over the baby to of course!  It was so much fun.

The boys played in the pool and had a blast as well.  Ben is just learning to swim.  He still uses his floaties on his arms, but he is getting so brave it’s great!  He still gets a little nervous when his head goes under the water.  I always tell him not to panic and just take deep breaths.  Well he started to jump in the water in the deep end.  One time he came up gagging and flailing his arms, so I ran over to him.  I told him to stop panicking and take a deep breath, to which he replied, “Mom I am not panicking I was just afraid I was going to drown!”

Ha!  Well there you have it!


My mom said she was proud of me.  I know as a child she told me she was proud, but I took it for granted then.  It means so much more as an adult!

I can imagine, like for me, this is a treasure searched for by most daughters.  When we stumble upon it it’s hard to know what to say other than thank you right at that moment.

But to all the mothers out there you should know that a fire works display to rival Disney World is exploding in your daughters chest!

The Last Lecture

I am beginning a new book today.  It is called The Last Lecture.  The man in it has been given only a short period to live.  He has a wife and three young children.  He gave a lecture at his college and wrote this book for his children as they grow older.  They were all very young, probably too young to understand the loss, but he didn’t want to be forgotten, so he wrote too them.

With all the worries we let creep into our midst how can we learn to just enjoy the day?  I often hear people say, “Live for the moment!  Don’t worry about tomorrow, with it comes a whole new set of worries!” 

But I find it hard to live every minute like it’s my last, presumably because it’s not.  I find it hard to remember to enjoy every second, because it might be my last.  I wish I could.  I might have to add that to my twenty wishes and work hard on it.

Ben and Zander

Ben and Zander sitting under Ben’s bunkbed playing a video game.  Zander was so attentive to what big brudder was doing.  That is what Ben wants to be called and he will correct you if you call him a brother:)  It’s great fun to see how much Ben really enjoys Zander.