The struggle of having only two hands…

I tried to go to church today I really did!  I only have two hands and they are obviously out of practice dealing with a baby!

I got myself ready, Ben pretty much got himself ready and then I tackled the baby.  He was hungry and in desperate need of a new outfit and it was nine o’clock.  We have to leave at nine fifteen when it’s snowing out or we will be late.  We live on a gravel road and it gets yucky when it snows.  So anyway, I get the new outfit and give Zander a little of his bottle to satisfy him until we get to the church.  I get him and Ben out to the truck and in the truck and then realize how much it has really snowed.  The entire truck was covered in snow and now it’s nine thirty five.  Oh man I guess we are not going to church today. 

I don’t know how mothers with more children do it – especially those with more than one little little one.  Yikes!  My hats off to you all!


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