Bible Camp

I don’t know if I have written about this before, probably but I don’t care.  Some of my favorite memories as a child are of Bible Camp and Vacation Bible School.

We always went to Galilee Bible Camp in Lake Bronson and it was sooooo much fun!  I want to go so bad and I just can’t wait for Ben to get old enough to want to go.  Now they have all these new fancy camps like Blue Water and Pathways and I am sure they are great, but when d you go to a camp and every year there are some of the same people and better yet some new people to get to know and hang out with, it is unbelievable!  I miss those days of ante i over and tag.  The shy looks over at boys you liked or the giggles shared by girlfriends.  Oh how I feel so old when I look back through that memory bank.


I am so excited!

Today is my last full day of work for over a week!  I am so excited to be off from my “real” job and hope to have time to focus on my “fun” job!  I have a lot of work to do on my Lizzie and Harry story including a suitable finish.  I am so thankful to have people who are willing to help me along the way with editing.  I am not an editor!  I just like to tell the story.   Christian Writers online has been such a life saver for me.  I am very shy about sharing my pieces, but everyone on there has been such a blessing to me and my writing!

Becoming a writer

With the numerous re-writes I have done to part 1 of my great American love story I wonder if I will ever finish it!

No one ever says to you when you aspire to be a writer that it is going to be a series of writes and re-writes and more re-writes.  The movies and books I have read about authors all paint it as easy as sitting in front of a window with a view and having it all pour out of them right into a best seller – HA!  Not so much!

It’s hard work!  Of course it’s hard work that I love and had no idea I would love.  I have always known since I was a little girl that I wanted to tell my stories in the written form, but editing and trying to make them better were always so much of a bother to me.  Now that I really have something of substance to work with it’s actually kind of fun!  And I have to give my friends at CW props, because they are helping me through this step by step. 

Just as so many other times in my life I thought I knew everything, I realize now how very little I know:)  Just part of growing up I guess.  Being 32 I thought I was grown, but apparently I have a lot to learn yet!  Be patient my name will be in enormous block letters at the top of a best selling novel yet!  One can dream anyway:)

Catch up

It seems like it is catch-up week for me.  I have been away to long!  My CW friends probably think I have left the planet, but they probably thought that before:)

I caught up with a couple of people on Face Book the other day, so hopefully that will suffice!  Now for my blog and my CW comrades.

It has been crazy busy at my “real” job lately, so I have been coming home and falling into my sofa, or davenport, as my grandma used to call it. 

I bet she never once fell into her sofa after a long day.  That woman had the energy of that pink bunny!  Right up until her body started to fail her she would be fluffing and preparing the entire time you were sitting and enjoying her home made goodies!

What a woman to look up to!  I love you grandma and I miss you terribly!

I added more poetry today!

Man it feels good to write my poetry! I have been away from it for about a week or more and I have been feeling lost.
It is so freeing to speak what you want to speak and find different ways to do it.
My Thesaurus is one of my favorite books. I got it when I was in High School and I use it always when I am writing.
I love the way it smells too. It smells of an ancient book, like old paper and dust.
Well I hope you enjoy the poem. I hope to be back on here daily.