If life gives you Tomatoes make salsa!

I have acquired the greatest Salsa recipe that I have ever tasted and it’s home-made!  So if someone is giving tomatoes away from their garden this fall take them and try my easy and fresh tasting salsa recipe. 

When I made this salsa I was very proud of the result, so I wanted Mitch to try it.  I stuck the spoon in his mouth and he made a face.  Not a completely unwelcoming face, but not an excited appreciative face either.  He told me it was good and then said he wasn’t really a salsa person.  What?!  Salsa is tomatoes all smooshed up and made into a sauce of sorts.  He loves tomato sauce.  I believe he and Ben would have tomato sauce intravenously transported into their bodies if it was humanly possible.  spaghetti, tomato hotdish, pizza, maranara sauce with cheese sticks – it’s endless.  But apparently salsa is a different taste.  And that is fine, because there will be more for me!


Check out my new tab!

I have added a recipe tab to the blog.  I will post easy and quick family meals and recipes that won’t break the bank.  Most of the recipes call for ingredients many homes keep in stock.  And of course they will not be time consuming!  Who has time these days?  Not me, but we have to eat right?

A healthy hotdish – sort of…

Chicken Triscuits

1 pkg. Triscuits

2 cans cream of chicken soup

1/2 cup mayo

2 cans of sliced water chestnuts, drained

2 cans asparagus cuts, drained

3 cups cooked chicken

salt and pepper to taste

Put half of the crushed Triscuits in a well-buttered large casserole.  Layer chicken, asparagus and chestnuts.  Add salt and pepper.  Pour chicken soup that has been heated with mayo over mixture and sprinkle remaining Triscuits on top.  Bake with cover for 1 hour at 350 degrees.  Bake uncovered for 15 minutes.  For healthier version use low fat, low salt soup and mayo. 

I recommend paying attention when buying water chestnuts – I didn’t know they came whole so I ended up slicing them myself – not so hard, but kind of a pain in the butt!  So can anyone tell me what a water chestnut is?

Attention Roseau County Restaurants!

Listen up!  Please update, change or completely scrap your old menus.  Every restaurant in this county sells the same kind of food.  Every restaurant that opens seems to want to conform to this “home cooking” type of food service and it is sooooo sickening.  Who wants to go out to eat home cooking?  Not me – I can cook that at home! 

Please subscribe to the Food Network if you can and if you can’t, grab the nearest computer and log onto foodnetwork.com.  They have free recipes for good food.  And the recipe titles do not include home cooking.  Don’t be scared they are not difficult and involve a lot of the same ingredients most kitchens would have.  I make the recipes at home and they are delicious.    You won’t have to take out a loan to re-vamp or your entire kitchen, I would just really like to see something special when the sign says daily special.  Not another chicken breast and fry special.  What is special about a chicken breast?  NOTHING!