Well as usual on my day off of my real job I am having trouble getting motivated to do anything constructive.  I have all of these big plans to accomplish my “list”, but rarely do it.  I do have the intention, but the execution is where the problem lies. 

So with that said I am writing in my blog, so I guess that is something constructive.

I wanted to catch up on the events of the weekend.  We held our Relay for Life event on Friday night in Roseau County.  It was a huge success!  We raised over $75000.  That was our goal this year. 

The team that I am on raised over $3000.  Our goal was $2500.  I am so proud of our team! 

We learned a bit of information for next year’s event that was exciting.  One of the teams wants to hold a hair cutting contest and donate all of the hair to Locks of Love!  When my team heard about this three people quickly volunteered.  Me included!  I am so excited!  I looked on the internet for more information, because there seemed to be some confusion whether or not processed hair was acceptable.  It is!  So now we are on a hair growing mission.  The hair has to be 10 inches long in a braid.  That should not be a problem since my hair grows really fast. 

Well back to my movie.  I will write more later!


My Benjamin!

We were getting ready for bed last night.  Benjamin was just getting out of the shower, so I walked into my bedroom and all of a sudden I hear this screech and it sounded like he jumped in the air.  I debated whether or not he was just fooling around or not, but it really did sound like a genuine yelp, so I went to check on him.  Low and behold he was laughing his little butt off in his bedroom and couldn’t even tell me what was going on!  When he finally settled down and said that we was walking to his room and the fan scared him.  He must have been fooling around with his eyes shut or something and when he walked by the blowing fan it startled him.  He screams like a little girl when he is really startled.  I laughed so hard at him I had to hold onto my bladder, so I didn’t pee my pants.  And the best part was he was laughing at himself for getting scared!  It was a great moment!

Blossom Street…

I am recommending to everyone the series by Debbie McComber on Blossom Street.  I have read three of the series and am planning to start the 4th today.  What a great series on the lives of women and the struggles of being a wife, mother, daughter and friend!  I really love them!  They are captivating and so interesting.  I can only hope that when my writing career takes off I can be as descriptive and revealing about my characters as she is.


I was thinking the other day about when I first received my drivers license.  I was so confident and a little cocky about driving.  We had just moved to Greenbush and I wanted to go see my friend Tricia.  She lived three miles out of town on the highway.  When I arrived I was ready to show off all of my awesome driving skills so I asked her to go for a ride.  We took a gravel road that runs parallel to their property.  I had been down that road thousands of times since I was a child, so I had no apprehension what so ever.  I pulled on to the gravel and stepped on the gas.  Things went well for about the first minute.  Then to my dismay I was going to fast and starting to fishtail on the loose gravel.  Yikes!  What now?  Well of course I would slam on the brakes right.  Well I can’t exactly remember if I hit the brakes or the accelerator, but I do know I was in the field heading right for the river!  I finally found the brake and it is no lie we stopped right on the edge of the river!  Holy Crap!  I didn’t know whether or not to laugh or cry at that point, but I was grateful for our safety. 

I was at her house a couple of weekends ago and we took the Ranger down that gravel road with our two little boys.  I shook my head and we had a good laugh remembering that crazy ride!  What an idiot!  Oh well I think my driving has improved a little bit:-)


I have been othwise detained with life lately.  I am preparing for my second baby’s arrival into this life and preparing for my first baby’s start of first grade.  Yikes!  I am a little busy!


By the way I have written my first Haiku today!

The Lord hath given

blessings are overflowing!

Pray for us, dear friends!


Ok so I have a new addiction, or maybe it’s an obsession!  I have talked before about my obsession with reality tv.  I know right – how tacky!  But I amI in love with the whole deal.  Now my new show is Tori and Dean Home Sweet Home. 

It is so good!  We are so much alike:)  I know what your thinking yeah right your not even really a blonde anymore right?  Well that is not what I mean.  We both have trouble with the thoughts of staying at home with our babies or pursuing our careers.  We both struggle with working and having time for our writing.  We both want to just lead a normal life while being a super star – hahaha!  Ok so the last one is a stretch.

I know that these shows are not “real” but I still love to see the life behind the scenes.  I guess I am just another obessed fan!  Oh well I will take it:-)


I wrote last time about being a red neck, because I wanted to go to the demolition derby.  Well then, since I completely enjoyed the lawn mower races they offered before the demo, what does that make me now?  They even had women racing the lawn mowers!  I tell you what if I hadn’t been pregnant I think I would have signed up for that challenge! 

The Roseau County Fair was a huge sucess!  There were so many people there it was unbelievable.  I wonder if that has to do with the economy being so bad.  I bet people stayed home this summer and decided to go to the smaller county fairs rather than the big super fairs.  It was great to see people sticking closer to home!