A little bit about me

 I am finding the older I get the more time at home I wish for!  When I was in my twenties staying at home was a curse only carried through when I was to sick to leave!  Now I am wishing for all the time at home I can get.  We are hunkering down for a snow storm tomorrow and I am hoping it hits early so I get snowed in:)
February 13, 2009
I am in the business of column writing these days. I have so much to say that it is creating a log jam in my head. So I am going to start posting my columns and see how that tickles everyones fancy )
I plan to track the day in the life of a small town writer who is going to make it big one day!
I have been a small town girl my entire life and I don’t plan to move from that place.
I will be posting my poetry and some of my stories from small town living.
This is my blog about living in a small town way up north!  I am going to make a big splash on the writing world and you will get to read some of my work first hand!

3 thoughts on “A little bit about me

  1. Hi KarLynn!
    I saw your blog url on Facebook, and can’t wait to check it out when the kids are napping and I’m sitting down with my tea in the afternoons. I hope you are enjoying your week.

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