Thursdays at Eight

A Debbie Macomber novel.  It was very very delightful.  Four strangers meet at a journal writing class and unexpectedly continue to meet after the class ends.  They of course become entwined in each others lives and are the best of friends by the end.  They are all four different ages and from different places in their lives.  It was a good distraction for the last couple of days.

On to finishing the Lincoln Lawyer.  Apparently this is a new movie out on video soon.  I didn’t even know it existed, but I saw the preview on a movie I recently rented at the Red Box.  I saw it was a book first and it looks intense enough to be a great read, so I downloaded it onto my E-Reader. 

Of course I will watch the movie, because the very yummy Mathew Mchonahey (sp) is the star.  I love to watch him do anything!


20 Wishes

What does that mean to you?  When I saw the book title I thought, that sounds like a cute and quick read.  The book is one by Debbie Macomber who is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite authors.  She captures women’s hearts like no one else.  Except maybe Barbara Delinsky, but I still think Debbie is better!

So I start to read the book and it starts out much the same as her others.  All of the books involve women, thier families and their friends.  But the particular series that has me wowed is called the Blossom Street series.  The women periodically change from book to book, but they all have something to do with the stores and restaurants on Blossom Street.  There are many instances where previous characters creep into the current book and I love that! 

Anyway, back to the twenty wishes.  These women got together and decided to compile a list of twent wishes they had always had.  These were not to be resolutions or goals, simply somthing they had always longed to do.  As you can guess many things happen to these women through out the course of the book and their lives become more entertwined as the pages turn.  They share a deep bond and I think only women can relate to that kind of bond.  I won’t go into detail about the wishes, because I think you should read the book and find out for yourself, but I will say that the list becomes contagious and each person that hears about it wants to start their own.  And one of those people is me!

I am going to compile a list of twenty wishes and blog about them.  With the impending birth of my son I may get side tracked once in awhile, but I am hoping to blog everyday.  That is a goal not a wish!

I hope you will enjoy the ride with me as I discover what it is that I have always wanted to do!  Visit my Twenty Wishes page frequently to find out how it’s going.

Becoming a writer

With the numerous re-writes I have done to part 1 of my great American love story I wonder if I will ever finish it!

No one ever says to you when you aspire to be a writer that it is going to be a series of writes and re-writes and more re-writes.  The movies and books I have read about authors all paint it as easy as sitting in front of a window with a view and having it all pour out of them right into a best seller – HA!  Not so much!

It’s hard work!  Of course it’s hard work that I love and had no idea I would love.  I have always known since I was a little girl that I wanted to tell my stories in the written form, but editing and trying to make them better were always so much of a bother to me.  Now that I really have something of substance to work with it’s actually kind of fun!  And I have to give my friends at CW props, because they are helping me through this step by step. 

Just as so many other times in my life I thought I knew everything, I realize now how very little I know:)  Just part of growing up I guess.  Being 32 I thought I was grown, but apparently I have a lot to learn yet!  Be patient my name will be in enormous block letters at the top of a best selling novel yet!  One can dream anyway:)