I have to say that I love “The Chew”!  That show is so funny and so awesome!  We don’t have regular TV, we only have what you can get on the internet, so I haven’t been able to watch many things.  And we have two toddlers, so Dora is what we watch the most.  However during my morning quiet time and coffee I have been indulging in some adult television.  The hosts are wonderful and the guests are so fun!


On a separate note I would like to put a shout out to whomever wrote reviews that stated the Kindle Fire was just as good as an Ipad.  I have to send a huge “whatever” to them.  They are not the same at all!  We have both now and we can get so many apps on the Ipad, especially TV apps for free that we can not get on the Kindle.  And I suppose different people have different needs, but the kids play games and Mitch and I watch TV on the Ipad.  The Kindle Fire is much slower and definitely does not have the capability that the Ipad has.

Ok I know to many electronics right?  Well we live in the boonies and we have to find things to entertain us in the loooooong winters.  Besides I love that I have several options at my finger tips in which to write in my blog!  Yeah!


Have  a fantastic day!  63 degrees reported for today here.  I can’t wait.  Let the sun tanning begin.


130 squats are really difficult!  I was resisting so much I put it off until afternoon.  Now every time I try to sit down I groan like an old sagging deck under the pressure of a Sunday barbecue.  Luckily I have the rest of the afternoon to relax.



A mild rain fell

upon the nose

of a daisy.


The daisy prospered

exuding vivid color

for all to enjoy.


The sun warmed

her to her core

sending energy in rays of light.


The light shone

for all who yearned

to be in the kingdom

and with our Lord!

Spring has sprung in Northern Minnesota – finally!

We spent the afternoon outside yesterday and it was so nice!  I started to rake the dead grass and leaves up and guess what?  There was some green grass there.  I also found the beautiful green buds of my Iris flowers amongst the mess of dead and decaying left over leaves and stems of last year.  It’s rather comical to see the piles of snow still cover the ground and we are outside in short sleeves and flip flops.  I just love it!

DSC02470 DSC02471 DSC02472

Have blessed and restful day today!


Home and Family

There has never been more love!

cozy, bursting seams

Spring blooms fresh flowers

Some nests are full of blessings

New life soon be seen!

Eternal peace lives

washed away everyday

forgiveness reigns free!

Meet Stella!

DSC02462 ???????????????????????????????

I must say being a farmer is difficult!  Ha!  We brought our newest member of the family home this weekend and her name is Stella.  She is a beautiful New Zealand bunny.  She is Ben’s 4-H fair project.  We had secured a hutch and cage for her outside by or in the barn, but then daddy mentioned that maybe she should stay in the house and that’s how that went!  She is very good at going potty in her box, but there is always wood shavings all over my kitchen.  Hmmm….  I am still not sure about this, but we will see.