Psalm 37:5

Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

Why is this so hard to accomplish?  It seems such a simple task to trust the one who gives all, but when my mind starts to think on it’s own God takes a back seat.  WHY?


20 Wishes

What does that mean to you?  When I saw the book title I thought, that sounds like a cute and quick read.  The book is one by Debbie Macomber who is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite authors.  She captures women’s hearts like no one else.  Except maybe Barbara Delinsky, but I still think Debbie is better!

So I start to read the book and it starts out much the same as her others.  All of the books involve women, thier families and their friends.  But the particular series that has me wowed is called the Blossom Street series.  The women periodically change from book to book, but they all have something to do with the stores and restaurants on Blossom Street.  There are many instances where previous characters creep into the current book and I love that! 

Anyway, back to the twenty wishes.  These women got together and decided to compile a list of twent wishes they had always had.  These were not to be resolutions or goals, simply somthing they had always longed to do.  As you can guess many things happen to these women through out the course of the book and their lives become more entertwined as the pages turn.  They share a deep bond and I think only women can relate to that kind of bond.  I won’t go into detail about the wishes, because I think you should read the book and find out for yourself, but I will say that the list becomes contagious and each person that hears about it wants to start their own.  And one of those people is me!

I am going to compile a list of twenty wishes and blog about them.  With the impending birth of my son I may get side tracked once in awhile, but I am hoping to blog everyday.  That is a goal not a wish!

I hope you will enjoy the ride with me as I discover what it is that I have always wanted to do!  Visit my Twenty Wishes page frequently to find out how it’s going.

Christmas Traditions

I was challenged a couple of years ago in a Sunday School lesson about the Nativity Scene.  The truth is most of us probably only think about it at Christmas time and the challenge was to keep your Nativity Scene out all year long to keep it on your mind.  The significance of that fateful night should affect us all year long, not just as Christmas approaches. 

At our adult Christmas party at church this year one of our pastors read an exerpt from a book by a well known Theologian.  I should remember his name, but I don’t.  The story was about the other people that were left out of the story of the birth of Christ.  The Inn Keeper sticks out in my mind.  He tells the story from the Inn Keeper’s point of view.  I thought it was so creative and thoughtful.  We just know the story we hear every year on Christmas Eve.  Does anyone ever research any other part of what happened that night?  Maybe your not interested and that is fine, but after I heard that exerpt it peaked my curiosity.  I want to know more!

I think sometimes we get so caught up in trying to keep our traditions alive that the real meaning of Christmas is lost.  And I know the big topic this year on all the talk shows and all the water cooler conversations was the spirit of Christmas being lost by the commercialism of it all, but I don’t think that is so true.  Commercialism is part of who we are as Americans and I don’t think it’s all bad, however when we start to overlook the birth of Christ as the start of Christmas then I think we have made a huge mistake! 

The lights and presents and holiday cheer are a fun way to celebrate and I like that part too, but we must not forget what started all the celebrating and that is the baby being born in a manger who would become the King of all the earth.

May the love of Christ be present in your life everyday!


We wanted a white Christmas and for awhile thought we might not get one.  Well mother nature, God and Santa must have gotten together and put all of their power into giving us what we wanted.  This is ridiculous!  I pray that everyone on the road in the next two days has safe travel!  We are under a ton of snow and it’s not stopping this morning. 

We traveled the 21 miles into town yesterday for Christmas dinner with Mitch’s mom.  At first we had major doubts we would make it all the way, but once we reached the highway we saw they had plowed at least once in the morning which cleared some of the lines, so we could see where the road was.  The day before we went to town and could not see the road at all. 

Our neighbor plows us out with his big tractor and they have been gone through the entire storm.  Last night when we got home there was a message on our machine that he was trying to make it home from International Falls to plow.  It was sweet of them to think of us.  Lukily we have a 4-wheel drive pickup in the mean time, because the drifts around my car are up to my tires!

Ready or not?

Well I think I am ready to have this baby! 

This whole pregnancy went so fast it seemed like I couldn’t keep up.  That is up until last Tuesday.  I started to have contractions and I thought for sure I was ready to go then!  But they stopped.  Then they started and then they stopped.  This did not happen in my first pregnancy, so I didn’t know what to think. 

I went to the doctor yesterday hopeful he would have good news like I started to dialate.  No such luck.  I haven’t even started yet!  But I wasn’t terribly disapointed.  I had a talk with my mom the other day and she calmed me down quite a bit. 

My original due date started out as Jan 13th, which is my birthday:)  Then I had an ultrasound and they told me Jan 7th was more accurate.  Then I had a second ultra sound and she said because of the baby’s size he would be coming at the end of Dec.  So Dec 27th is what I have been going by the whole time. 

With Benjamin I was 3 weeks early, so naturally I have been thinking that I will go early with this little bundle too.  Doesn’t look like he is coming any to early.  Unless of course I go by the first dates like my mom said I should do.  Then he will be early. 

I am progressing finally after a week of pins and needles and I guess that is all that matters.  I just really want to meet our new addition and I am so excited.  I thought for sure I would go in last night, but I didn’t.  Now we will see if it’s tonight!