They’re here! They’re here!

This poem was written when I realized that I was in love with Mitch.  I have modified it from it’s original version just a bit.  I have grown as a poet a tiny smidge since this was written all those 12 years ago!

The First Flakes of the Winter Season

The First Flakes of the winter season are a wondrous sight

The chill is mild, not piercing as February winds might

The therapeutic aroma of wood burning tickles our nostrils

A moonlit picture fills the window in our den, glittering snow and we’re thrilled!

The first flakes of the winter season fall straight from heaven to kiss the earth below

One season is left behind, but another emerges, and so goes the flow

He holds me to ease my fear, my pain, my stress and to show is undying love

The fire crackles, the snow falls, he whispers, “Will You Marry Me?  You are a gift from above.”

The moment is perfect and I know the gift is mine

God brought us together and just in time

For every winter until I pass I will cherish these first flakes of the winter season!


Look what we did today!  What was a patch of grass will soon become a bountiful harvest(we hope!).  I think I am most excited about the pumpkin patch!  Thank you mom for all the seeds!  The kids are going to have a blast.  The babies already had fun in the dirt today.  They were running through here like they had never seen such a fun playground.  Kids!  Just wait until they have to weed or pick potato bugs:-)


I love freshly mown grass!  It took most of the day, but I think we got it!  I didn’t take pictures of the other two sections, because that would just be bragging:-)  Haha!

DSC02530 DSC02529

To me a view from the toolies is this!  My child didn’t know what a skyscraper was until it was a vocabulary word in his Social Studies class.  When we sit on our deck as far as our eyes can see there are field and trees.  I love it that way.  No concrete jungle or tin city.  Only what God created.



Cherry blossoms and all.  I thought I killed my Hastas but they are coming up!  I was so excited.  Everything in the garden took it’s sweet time coming to the surface and I was starting to get nervous.


Enjoy your day!

Time saving tip: Save the dishes for the morning.


For people who need everything spotless and organized this will not work for you!  For those who are tired and busy and just want to spend some time with their family in the evening, listen up.


It’s ok to the leave some house work overnight in order to savor the last few hours of the day with your kids and husband. For me the early morning brings much energy and clarity. I leave my sink full of dishes at night and there is no House Keeping Fairy that visits my dreams to chastise me. Its ok!  Our kids are little for such a short time I feel like I should be savoring every second instead of making sure the dishes are done right after dinner. 

clean house


There is definitely no manual to prepare you for the amount of work involved in keeping a house, a husband and children. All we have to go by is what our parents did. And if you are like me, you didn’t pay close enough attention to the details. I think living by our parents example is great to a certain extent. I also feel like we need to forge our own path with our own experiences and set of circumstances.

funny housework

My hope for you today is peace and love to fill your home. Relax and enjoy the time God has allowed us on this earth!


I didn’t write this, but I wish I would have.  It’s lovely!  Enjoy!

Meet Stella!

DSC02462 ???????????????????????????????

I must say being a farmer is difficult!  Ha!  We brought our newest member of the family home this weekend and her name is Stella.  She is a beautiful New Zealand bunny.  She is Ben’s 4-H fair project.  We had secured a hutch and cage for her outside by or in the barn, but then daddy mentioned that maybe she should stay in the house and that’s how that went!  She is very good at going potty in her box, but there is always wood shavings all over my kitchen.  Hmmm….  I am still not sure about this, but we will see. 

My Cranes Are Back!

It’s been long awaited.  The thought of melting ice and snow.  The sun gaining strength and warmth.  The muddy roads.  The ditches full of water.  That day when a winter jacket is no longer necessary.  I think it might be here.  My cranes are back, which brings me eternal hope that spring is really coming this year.  I first heard them in the field behind our property then yesterday on the way to town there they were.  A pair of Sand Hill Cranes standing so beautiful and in love! cranes in snow!

Melt snow Melt!

It’s 27 degrees outside and feels so good in short sleeves.  I can’t even believe how accustomed to the cold our bodies become over the winter.  If it was 27 degrees in July we would be dressing in winter coats, but now in March short sleeves feel wonderful!



Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Looking for guidance and waiting for the divine answer is definitely not easy.  The waiting adds more anxiety and soon you may be mad about something completely different.  I am there, more than I am not.  Read the scriptures and let yourself get lost in the story of Jesus.  That is the only way that I can feel better and forget about what was bugging me.  Really we need to stop thinking about ourselves and our own problems and focus on what God wants.  Not so easy, I know!

Trust, Love, Patience, Happiness!

Have a blessed day!

I am the luckiest woman in the world.  I have just come from watching my 1 and 2 year-olds sleep.  Weird?  Only if you are not a mom maybe.  They are so peaceful and sooooooo precious!  They are when they are awake too, but they move so fast who can tell sometimes:)  I am so thankful to God for answering my prayers.  Not only that I would have more time with my children now, but that I have them at all.  I prayed and prayed for another baby when we lost our second to miscarriage.  Every month the time would come and I would not be pregnant.  It was so agonizing.  But then after five long years boom and boom!  What a blessing.  Then when Mitch asked if I would stay home and not work I thought I might fall off my chair.  But I didn’t, I said, “Ahhhh, that would be the best anniversary gift you could ever give me!”  And I meant it.  Even when the kids are on my tail and whinny and not feeling good or just want to be held.  I have to step back and say what a blessing!


We have constructed a train made of crispy treat cereal!  The kids had a blast putting it together.  I had a blast letting them!  Meri and I hung out in the living room while the boys worked away like busy little elves in Santa’s workshop!  It’s definately the holiday season.