Firefly code, a frog song! Poetry by KarLynn


We have been enjoying the most beautiful and glorious evenings of late.  We do not have a very long summer, so anytime it is extra enjoyable we try to soak it all up!  The fireflies are extremely active right now.  I wrote a little poem about them.  And if you know me you know my affinity for frogs, so I added a couple of lines about them too!


Flash of green

Flash of yellow

Here no There!

Are the flashes in sync?

Do they relay a message?

mesmerized by motion

dark becomes magic

Enter a frog orchestra

Chirp, Croak, Chirp, Croak

Dark encompasses

with nothing visible by eye

Sound becomes my soul sense

except for the flash

Here no There!


Do you go for the sissy bug spray or the tough as nails stuff?

I always go for the good stuff.  And by good I, of course, mean strong.  Deep Woods Off brand has always been my go to bug ridding fix.  I know that critics say the stuff is bad for kids, but i don’t think the critics have witnessed the mammoth sized Mosquitos and thousands of ticks we are trying to ward off in a tick season.  I am careful in applying and I don’t go overboard, but I do think its necessary.

There is life beyond 5pm!

The kids were trapped in the house Sunday and Monday due to rain, so last night after supper I decided to take them into town and go to open gym at the school.  We stopped by my aunts house first to drop her something she had ordered.  We had a fantastic visit with my cousins and the kids played in her big, beautiful house.  Ben says he wants one just like it.  I said you will need to find someone to clean it!  He is a little on the messy side:)  So off to open gym it was and we had a blast.  I chaseed the babies around the track a few times until Zander spotted someone laying on the floor working out with the medicine ball and he just had to do the same thing.  It was priceless.  Then we went to play basketball.  Meri found a jump rope and a tennis ball and Zander found a little boy just his size to play with and Ben and I shot hoops and played one-on-one.  It was so much fun.  Summer is back!

Bible Camp Memories

I went to a concert at the Baptist Church a couple of Wednesdays ago.  The music was wonderful, but the message was even more great!  They were encouraging kids to sign up for summer camps.  Of course they mentioned Lake Bronson and that is where I used to go.  The whole evening brought me back to my childhood.  Seeing pictures of children and their antics at the camp.  I remember one time we pulled a prank on the pastor.  Every morning he would go and ring the bell to wake everyone for prayer.  Well one of our chaperons said we should put our socks on the bell, so when he rang it there would be no sound.  We were all up and waiting and sure enough there was no sound.  We laughed so hard!  He had to climb up the bell and take the socks off.  We had to finally admit who had done and I am sure we got in trouble, but I don’t remember the punishment – I just remember that pastor hanging from the bell tower trying to pull off all of those multi-colored socks!  What a riot!