It’s -27 degrees!

You should see the sunrise here this morning.  If you had a question about an awesome creator of this earth and all of it’s gifts, look outside on a cold Minnesota morning.  The view is spectacular!


It’s cold outside!


We are having yet another bout with winter weather today. 25 mile an hour winds and snow. Yesterday it was in the 30’s which felt like a heat wave after the -30 we had been experiencing. The downfall to the nice weather? Melting snow and blowing caused the roads to be a little icy and now with drifts and more wind it’s a mess! But tomorrow promises to be a nice day with sun! Yeah! Unfortunately it will bring with it -16 temps. Welcome to winter in the Northland.

Tis the season!


I can’t even believe that it is Christmas already!

Time is slipping away to quickly.  Some days during winter seem to never end, but time in general is getting away from me.  My Zander will be 4 before I know it.  Then the end of January will be here, February is a short month and then it’s March!  Signs of Spring will hopefully begin to show.  Ok, so maybe I am getting WAY ahead of myself here.

I know, I know… Do not borrow trouble from tomorrow, tomorrow will have enough trouble of it’s own.  Thinking of tomorrow is kind of a bad habit of mine.  A bit of a dreamer I guess.

It’s a balmy 20 some degrees below zero here.  And yes that is the temp not the wind-chill.  The wind-chill is minus 30 some below.  However the sun is spectacular this morning.  I am told that the Sundogs will be awesome today.  Our plan of sledding at the Malung hill is probably out, but a game of bowling may be heading our way!

We were drooling over the temps in Florida while watching GMA this morning.  89 degrees.  I love snow at Christmas, but I would love to be swimming in 89 degree weather just once in December.

My hope for you today is peace and love.

Trying out a couple of new scenes

Laura walked into Clear Mountain coffee, subconsciously smoothing her suit jacket and running her fingers through her straight bobbed hair. She wasn’t aware of the nervousness creeping up on her until that moment. As she walked to the counter to order her cup of Joe her hands gave way to a slight tremble. She stared down at them in disbelief.

“Can I help you?” A soft masculine voice broke her concentration.

“What? Um, yes,” she said shaking her head.

As she looked up a smile met her eyes. Her heart did a cart-wheel. She felt her eyes widen in surprise and a smile sprang onto her face before she could stop it.

“Medium Columbian blend, please,” she said quickly averting her stare. Looking anywhere in fact, but in those piercing blue eyes. A tingling sensation skittered up her spine like lighting in a storm.

“Sure, that will be no problem,” came that velvety voice with a kind reply.  “Let me get that right away.”

The heat rising in Laura’s cheeks flustered her beyond belief. She knocked over a display of cookies reaching for her hot beverage. She turned to get away and bumped into the person behind her.

Could this scenario get any worse? She thought to her self.

There is something magical about getting all of your shopping done online with free shipping. It’s an entirely different feeling waiting, hoping that it all gets here in time!

We live 1 to 2 hours from a city with more than 3000 people in it, so going shopping is an adventure in itself. I am not one to take the adventure. I’d rather read about someone else’s or write my own.

This is the first time I have shopped online for Christmas and I did it all in one day, unfortunately it comes in several different shipments on several different days. This is nerve-wracking for someone who, first of all doesn’t like to shop, but second of all likes things done in a neat and tidy manner of her own doing. Control freak? Maybe, but that’s life in the skin of this small town girl.

I hope that you will be relaxed and enjoy the reason for this season. Christ’s birth is the single greatest story told. Take some time to read it out of the greatest book available. It’s amazing and magical and AWESOME!

Be safe and enjoy your family.


I was listening to a radio program yesterday and it mention Philippians as being the book of Joy.  If you feel you have lost your joy you will find it again in Jesus, not in reading a book or listening to someone speak or even your family and friends.  Joy is a super natural experience.

In reading Philippians I found Paul who was devoted to his people and their salvation.  Paul has his people in his heart.  He prayed for them and their salvation constantly.  I can’t even say that I think about my family constantly.  With all of the distractions around how can we?  He was in jail and being criticized and persecuted and still he prayed for his people.  WOW!  Double WOW!! It shows me how much I let “other” things block me from God’s word and God himself.  No wonder I don’t have joy all the time.

Philippians 1:7

God can testify how I long for all of you with the affection of Christ Jesus.


From the study bible explanation – Their love was not based on feelings but on what Christ had done for them.

Read Philippians 1:9-11

Through study of God’s word we may find love and righteousness.  We will be able to block those distractions and discern which are not healthy for us.  We need to do this everyday until Jesus comes.

My thought for the day is in this last verse.  Ponder and absorb what it means to you!

Philippians 1:14

Because of my chains, most of my brothers in the Lord have been encouraged to speak the word of God more courageously and fearlessly.