Here they are… Pretty or not this is my life!

These will be in no particular order.  And I reserve the right to add or subtract any that I feel are not going to work out through out the year.  Hahahahah!  Isn’t that the biggest cop out ever?

#1 I resolve to get everything I write down in electronic form, so that it doesn’t get lost in the black hole that is my filing system.

#2 I resolve to follow my schedule no matter how difficult it becomes.

#3 I resolve to follow one bible study at a time and finish them completely.

#4 I resolve to dedicate as much time as humanly possible to my kids and not be resentful of that time.

#5 I resolve to not get so wrapped up in my schedule that I can not enjoy my days.

I know that may seem like double speak since I earlier resolved to follow my schedule no matter what, but sometimes resolutions are made to be broken, right?

#6 I also resolve to find my lost joy.  I know it must be around here somewhere!  God has laid it out for me, now I just need to trust, lean and give my life fully to my heavenly father!


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