Do you go for the sissy bug spray or the tough as nails stuff?

I always go for the good stuff.  And by good I, of course, mean strong.  Deep Woods Off brand has always been my go to bug ridding fix.  I know that critics say the stuff is bad for kids, but i don’t think the critics have witnessed the mammoth sized Mosquitos and thousands of ticks we are trying to ward off in a tick season.  I am careful in applying and I don’t go overboard, but I do think its necessary.


It’s here, it’s here!

DSC02493 DSC02494 DSC02495 DSC02496

The days were long

It felt all wrong

It’s been a long haul

spring hit us like a wall

Last week piles of snow

covered the lawn and grass wouldn’t grow

Today it’s 70 plus

Being outside is a must

The days are finally warm

here on the Erickson farm!

This is the second day in a row the kids have been out the door just after 9am.  That is all the longer I could contain them!  It’s been so fun.  The fourth picture is my new toy.  I haven’t had a tiller in about 8 years or so.  I am so excited to get my garden plot tilled up and get my seedlings in the ground.  Yummy produce for the winter.  My tomato sprouts are up.  I haven’t gotten anything else in the dirt yet, but as I mentioned above we had snow piles in our yard last week.  It’s a work in progress not a race right?


Spring has sprung in Northern Minnesota – finally!

We spent the afternoon outside yesterday and it was so nice!  I started to rake the dead grass and leaves up and guess what?  There was some green grass there.  I also found the beautiful green buds of my Iris flowers amongst the mess of dead and decaying left over leaves and stems of last year.  It’s rather comical to see the piles of snow still cover the ground and we are outside in short sleeves and flip flops.  I just love it!

DSC02470 DSC02471 DSC02472

Have blessed and restful day today!


Home and Family

There has never been more love!

cozy, bursting seams

Spring blooms fresh flowers

Some nests are full of blessings

New life soon be seen!

Eternal peace lives

washed away everyday

forgiveness reigns free!

More snow and no Spring in sight!

DSC02447 DSC02448

UGH!  We just started to see some dirt and grass and now look what we wake up to.  The poor birds coming from the south are certainly going to head back that way when they see what’s in store for them.  Oh Man!


There is a change in the air with the change of our clocks.  Even though the sun take a little longer to show it’s face in the morning, we know it won’t take to much time for the days to be long and warm.  There is a twinkle in the sunlight of Spring that disappears with the Fall/Winter change.  It’s back and inch by inch the snow piles seem to creep smaller and smaller.  Even if it’s my imagination, it’s still glorious!


Twitter, Shout life, Face Book, blogging!  It’s all becoming a little bit overwhelming.  Short of going on these sites at work I don’t have enough time to keep up with them all.  I mean I do like to sleep after all. 

I believe spring has finally decided to show in northern Minnesota although woke up to a white ground yet again yesterday!  That was a surprise, not only to me I suspect. 

I was just excitedly telling my co-worker that my frogs are out and I listened to them that morning.  I am guessing snow does not agree with frogs and birds and other animals who are thinking, “Did we come out at the wrong time and will spring ever get here?”

I just can’t wait to soak my bleach white face in the sunlight!  In the winter I am so pale.  A sun-kist look will do me good!  I actually have used the sunless tanning accelerator and it is not bad.  It works and it doesn’t turn you orange like the ones years ago did.  I suppose if you used to much or didn’t apply it correctly the same would happen. 

My son is now six years old!  He is in the big time now.  Although the poor kid goes outside to play by himself.  He really needs a brother or a sister to play with!  We could not get him to play outside by himself before.  He would stay on the deck or not go out at all.  Now he is in his sandbox and on the verge of exploring the woods.  He we in yesterday, but came righ back out.  He is growing up that is for sure!