Get in the wheelbarrow!

This book I am reading talked about the dare devil who would walk across the Niagra Falls on a tight rope.  He decided to do one better and told everyone in town that the following saturday he would push someone across the rope in a wheelbarrow. 

He was standing outside the pub when he heard one gentleman tell another I believe he can do it and I have this much money to bet.  He was amused so he went to the gentleman and said he was so glad the man had so much faith in him, because he needed someone to get in the wheelbarrow!  HA!!!

I laughed out loud.  That is a great visual picture of what we are supposed to do when God nudges us to follow him.  We say all the time we are believers, but are we really?  Are we willing to get in the wheelbarrow and be pushed across the millions of gallons of water falling over a cliff?  Really? 

I sometimes have trouble talking about my faith with people I know and trust.  Am I going to put myself out their for perfect strangers to ridicule me too?  That is what God wants us to be willing to do.  Faith, belief, trust, love… The end result is that God will have a good result.  Faith, belief, trust, love….  That is what we are ordered to do.  If we don’t we have nothing.


Hope of Salvation as a Helmet!

1 Thessalonians 5:8 talks about faith and love. 

…let us be self-conrolled, putting on faith and love as a breastplate and hope of salvation as a helmet. 

The bumpy roads I have been on in the last few months have made me wish I had a helmet.  To bad I have been ignoring the nudge of my spirit.  I had the armor I needed to shield me against all negativity and harmful thoughts, yet I chose to sit in that dark and not listen to my inner peace. 

I am broken free!  I have made it through at least a little bit of the muddy water that has been my vision.  This new study I am doing is really helping me.  And the ladies I am doing the study with are a big help too.  Even if I don’t show it, they are a big help to me!

I was inspired by Romans 8:6 to write this.  It’s actually a distraction from my reading assignment!

We are led

We are called

So we head

At times are hauled

Follow the road

Who’s path is rocky

Find a mode

And you’ll find Calvary!

The journey is long

So it’s declared

Often in song

And played on air

Sin is death

The message is clear

To live for self

Means beware

Ok so someone once told me that editing too much can ruin your story.  How do you know when to much is too much?  You can end up changing the entire structure of the story and then what do you have…another story, right?  Yeah!

I feel like it’s my destiny to write.  Even if no one else in the world reads what I have to say I feel it in my bones.  But sometimes what I am trying to lay out on the paper just plain sounds better in my head!  Or maybe looks better in my head would better describe it.  My stories are movies playing in my mind, but I can’t seem to write fast enough to capture every detail in written form.  This is really something I am committed to work on!

I added a new recipe to the site.  I hope it works well for whatever you are doing today!  I am cleaning house and playing with the babies.  I am on my second pot of coffee, so hopefully I don’t have a major crash half way through Ben’s school Christmas Program. 

Have a great and faith filled day!